Life by Cynthia: February 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do Mommy Blogs Suck?

I thought I would introduce a spot for some open discussion.  Maybe add a little bit of opinion to the mix.

But first here's where I'm coming from:  My first experiences with the weblog world happened in 2004, well before I became a Mommy.  I fell in love with it.  I would blog about everything under the sun.  Life got busy and my blog-hobby fell by the wayside.  I've made my return and again I've fallen in love.  I love to read, I love to write, I love differing opinions.  I miss the blog days of old.  My former blogging community was much more vocal with opinions which I found very refreshing. Bloggers  were willing and able to respectfully debate on varied issues, offer support,  encouragement, laugh with you, share similar stories - I'm sure you get the picture. I've found a handful of wonderful "reads" here on Blogger written about Mom life. Some very insightful, witty, and relatable blogs - thank goodness! As time permits I will compile my favorite Must Reads.  Not all mommy blogs suck, but when you are limited on time - weeding through the whole lot of them can get on a busy mommy's nerves!  I think that I am just too new here on Blogger and have not found what I am looking for yet.  So if you know of any great Mom blogs please chime in and save this busy working mom a little time & energy because more & more I'm finding myself agreeing with the article below.

Check out the commentary below regarding Why people think Mommy bloggers suck. Any thoughts? Share if you please.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Finding Time

Like all working mommies (and SAHM for that matter), free time has become such a luxury for me.  Even a tiny 5 minute span can bring peace. It allows me to spit out a few words in a blog, time to brush my hair, maybe to put on a little lipstick or dress up in an actual outfit other than sweats - that can be such a treat!  SO I try to find those little 5 minute spans of time.  Thus, keeping me sane and a happy partner to my hubby.  I've managed to keep the "crankies" at bay.  I will confess that I was prone to getting  pretty moody from time time.  Fatigue, feelings of chubbiness, not taking care of myself - all of that gets to you after a while.  It's great thing that hubby is such a good sport and can snap me out of it very quickly.  I have altered my ways and my attitude adjustment is working.  I've even hung up my elastic ponytail holders and have starting focusing a little more on my hair and makeup again. Here's my update: Photo Diary.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Life as Mom

I'd written a quick blog the other day (Absence from Blogland) because My Life as Mom is a busy one.  Time has been eluding me.  I try to squeeze in what I can whether it be a quickie blog, a load of laundry, exercise...both essential & non-essential things.  There is more to me than Mommy-hood.  Tying it all together with being a wife, a career woman, and breathing can be a bit of a juggling act.  Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to be Mom!  It is extremely rewarding. The love is a blessing and it has transformed the relationship between my husband and I to whole new level of a united front in caring for our son.  Understandably my blog hobby gets sidelined.   I do find it to be a welcomed relief though just to spew a few thoughts..."clearing out the clutter" as I wrote about in the past comparing it to "The purse dump" .  Thank goodness for 5 minute increments of time.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

My Loves
My husband has truly figured out what matters most to me.  We have been together for 6+ years (2 as marrieds) and he still finds ways to make my day.  Did I get chocolate & flowers dropped off by a delivery man? NO. Thank goodness.  I received my flowers a week or two earlier, and they are still blooming beautifully.  I don't need or want chocolates.  He knows that I'm trying to drop a few pounds (even though he doesn't think I need too).  What made it the best?  My husband.  He and my baby boy came to spend my lunch break with me.  It was the sweetest...

Visiting Mommy at the office
Here is a picture of my big guy at the office.  Baby Boy wouldn't look at the camera...he was all smiles until I took out the camera. Figures.  Hoping your Valentine's Day is a good one.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today I wore Lipstick...

...eyeshadow, eyeliner, powder, and blush.  Yes, I wore makeup today!  Let me give you some perspective since I didn't take a picture:  Definitely not the "RuPaul" degree of made up.  Much more subtle...Imagine if you will a 12 year old girl trying to be pretty by experimenting with her Moms makeup:  Wanting to look nice but also being very careful in order to avoid her parents having a freak out.

AND get this:  no elastic ponytail holder today!  Instead, I wore it up with a pretty barrette.  Hubby noticed that one.  I even spritzed a little hair spray today.   Now I didn't go crazy à la Jersey Shore on  Karma night!  Just a teeny spritz to manage my odd post pregnancy hair.  I chopped off more than a foot of it because it was driving me crazy.  I swear it has a mind of it's own now.  Weirdly wavy when once SUPER straight.  Strays popping up like weeds, regrowth I assume.

I'm also very proud to announce that I did not have on one single piece of maternity wear! I couldn't help but keep Victoria a secret for just a while longer. I have her safely kept in my top drawer.  And who cares anyway, that's private. I did let Kate out of her dust bag to play today (Spade that is) .  I have to remind myself not to let the diaper bag (I have 4 for different looks) be my purse!

Not bad for mommy's first day back.  All that AND I was an hour early to work!  All things are possible.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Photo Blog? What's next?

I love writing but I am finding that sometimes words are just not enough...So, I've decided to add a photo blog and eventually tap into video blogging!  I'm excited about expanding my blogging adventures.   I've started here with my mommy blog but want to integrate this idea to my 5 other blogs!  Oh where or where will I find the time?  Where there's a will, there's a way.  I'll find my way.

New Moms Relate

I am not too surprised that a lot of my other Mom friends have gone through similar experiences as I had noted in my blog: "Girly Me".  Once you become a mother, especially so for the first timer, you really change your attitudes and priorities when it comes to "self".  Not a bad thing.  Of course your focus is going to shift to your young one, that's nature at its best.  I have no regrets and would not have done it any other way.  It is a nice treat though to take care of that "self" that you put on the back burner.  Squeezing in moments for Mom is pretty tough, but worth it.  I think.  I haven't yet begun my metamorphosis.  I'm still makeup less, hair ponied up, sensible shoes on the feet, and wearing a maternity t-shirt (sans the baby bump) layered under a sweater, but my trouser jeans are non-maternity (thank goodness, hated those).  Maybe when I get home I can post a pic.  Before & After pictures may prove to be motivation for myself.   Whether it be putting on some makeup in the morning, putting on a nice outfit (tired of living in sweats?), vegging out quietly, reading a book (anything other than parenting/baby magazines), chatting with a friend, or blogging....My wish for all Mommies out there is that you find that tiny little moment for yourself.  A guilt free (no thinking about "i should be doing this/that/the other" instead of doing what I'm doing) time out to just be you again.  Even for just 5 little minutes (that's how long it took to write this blog).

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My other Web Logs

Why so many separate blogs? Read:  BLOG BACK STORY

Confidential Conversation :  My diary style blog. A conversation with myself if you will. Much like a diary. Just my personal thoughts for the day. Something for me to look back on and ponder.

Dollars & SenseRetail therapy for cost conscious folks like myself. I love the challenge of finding a good deal. I gladly share what I find.

Happy Wife, Happy Life  Stories of a newlywed.

Recollection Collection: Reliving random memories from days of old.

The Skinny : "The skinny..." is a relatively recent idiom that means to give the bare facts about something without a lot of unnecessary detail: a concise, detailed report on. No holds barred...An invite only blog, so let me know if you want in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Will Teach My Son To Dance

This afternoon I discovered that my baby loves to dance with me.  Grandma witnessed his sheer joy as we danced together!  He was laughing (shrieking) so loud. We had fun.  I got my exercise for the day!  Being Mom truly makes me happy.  I guess that I probably should not have exerted myself though as I am still sick. Oops. That's OK, it was well worth it.

I am so looking forward to the day that I will dance with my son on his wedding day.  Should he choose to marry of course. No pressure.  I am not one to push the marriage issue. Luckily my family never pushed with the "you aren't getting any younger" bit, instead allowing me to enjoy my life as it was.  It took me a sweet 36 years to become engaged after falling in love with my guy 3 years prior. Married at 37.  Pregnant at 38.  "Mommied" at 39.  Life is grand. Life should never be on a timetable.

I had to, had to, had to share this post that so beautifully conveys the relationship that is Mother & Son...

Teaching My Son to Dance

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