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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Smile Worthy Family Moments

There are days when all that I can manage are the simple things. I have been out of commission health wise and could only muster the bare minimum. When parents are under the weather it can be tough to take care of yourself let alone house and home. I have deadlines to meet, nightly homework, and juggling a schedule of activities... You know the drill. All I really want and need is to feel better. Just to be able to function without feeling lousy. The bottom line is that I can't just stay in bed to rest until I am 100% well. Life moves quickly and we need to keep up. The reality is there, so I must do what I gotta do. The importance of self-care is always top of mind for me. I try. But even with the best efforts, it happens: we get sick. Even still, I pick myself up and get through it. Luckily, keeping the kiddo in this house happy just takes the simple things. THANK goodness for that.

Once in a while I throw out the whole "don't play with your food" line that some parents give their children. I don't worry because he knows to wash his hands well, especially before eating. I like that he is a great story teller and lets his imagination run wild. It gives him the chance to lead our mealtime talks. It also gives me a moment to sit back and just listen.

Making egg salad sliders and letting him play with his plate was all it took. He made up stories while decorating his plate with bits of veggies and just a few Goldfish crackers. Simple. We're good.

When I am not feeling well, I can STILL be present for the family. It isn't always easy, but we make it happen. When the kid is happy, I am happy. That peace of mind helps me to heal much faster. Thankfully, I am on the mend. Next week is Spring Break so I am ready for more smile worthy family moments. I am looking forward to our adventures!

If you are looking to find fun family ideas from Goldfish you can visit them on Pinterest and on YouTube.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

LYMBER Fitness App Helping ME with 2017 Self Care Goals

This post is sponsored by Lymber, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I am absolutely THRILLED with the opportunity to try out Lymber. They are helping me with my self care goals for 2017! Fitness ranks high on my list! Also on that list: saving money, trying new things, and having FUN! There are so many classes that I can choose from. With the Lymber Fitness app I can save up to 75% off classes from the best studios in my area. ZERO Membership Fees. You pay only for what you use.

The Lymber app is FREE!

If you use my affiliate code: CYNTHLYMB1-34 when you sign up, you will get $5.00 OFF of your first Lymber class! I've shared the Lymber video for a rundown on how the the program works.

I am both an Android and an iOS user but currently the app is only available for iOS (Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch). Pricing is dynamic: enjoy real-time, demand-based pricing for studios in your area. I love the concept of pay-as-you-go access!

I am already a big fan of hot yoga. There are so many other styles of yoga that I can explore using the app. I have been wanting to try pilates and possibly a spin or dance class too. They are ALL offered on Lymber. Please stay tuned for a recap post in the very near future! I can hardly wait to share my Lymber experience with you and let you know how my class goes. I hope that you'll join me!

See how it works:

Don't forget to sign up using the promo code...

Lymber Fitness has given me a special coupon code to offer to my friends (yes YOU)! With my promo code you will get $5.00 off of your first Lymber class! Just use the code CYNTHLYMB1-34

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. As a Lymber Affiliate, I received a credit towards a fitness class and a discount code to share with my readers. *I will earn a commission for class bookings resulting from the use of my Lymber affiliate discount code.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Movie Inner Circle with Fandango, Flixter, and Rotten Tomatoes

I was just invited to join Movie Inner Circle which is an exclusive online community of movie lovers. Thank you for the invite Fandango, Flixter, and Rotten Tomatoes! As a member, I will share my opinions through surveys, polls and chat forums. I'll also get chances to win prizes in a monthly sweepstakes just by participating. Sounds good to me. I'm IN!

The call is out for more movies lovers. I've been asked if I would like to recommend up to 5 friends who, like me, loves movies. Let me know if you want me to forward your email to receive an invitation. You need to love movies, register (and be approved), and have an opinion (and be willing to share it). Once my referrals successfully complete the Movie Inner Circle registration process, I'll get an extra entry for the monthly sweepstakes. Let me know if you're in!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Try Products From Leading Brands For FREE via PINCHme

FREE samples from leading brands? Yes! Read on to see how to get yours! PINCHme FREE Sample Tuesday is 2/28 at 12Noon EST. Don't miss it!

PINCHme allows members discover and try free samples from the world’s leading brands! It’s 100% FREE (free products AND free shipping)! No credit card is required.

I just received my premium PINCHme blogger box from It is full of free products to review. My box included an assortment of past, present, and / or future samples featured on I wanted to share how YOU can get free samples too!

Every month, on Sample Tuesday, new free samples are released on Sample Tuesday is right around the corner! Mark your calendar for  Tuesday 2/28 at 12Noon EST! Don’t miss your chance to claim free samples! Act quickly! In my experience, the demand is HUGE and samples are claimed FAST! You don't want to be left out!

How to get your FREE goodies from PINCHme:

1. Sign up for FREE at

2. Complete your profile to match you with relevant products.

3. Order free samples at 12 p.m. EST.

4. Share your feedback.

There is such a wide variety of samples. From beauty, snacks, baby, pet, personal care, cleaning products, and household items - there's something for everyone!

All they ask for is your honest feedback on the products. You have 30 days from when your product shipped to complete your feedback surveys.

It doesn’t stop at FREE samples. Members benefit from special partner offers, exclusive sweepstakes, product review opportunities, and other promotions.

My tips:

  • Keep your profile updated! PINCHme works to match member profiles with Brand Partners' needs. It's a win-win.
  • Mark your calendar! I've made the mistake of missing my share of Sample Tuesdays! Date AND time is of the essence. These great samples get claimed FAST!
  • Don't forget to share your feedback.
  • Have fun!
  • Tell a friend! 

In case you were curious about some of the brands, I took pictures of what I got! I am thrilled with my goodies. Hydralyte Electrolyte Tablets (PERFECT to hydrate me after hot yoga)! Essie for a mani/pedi at home! COVERGIRL make-up. Anti-wrinkle cream from POND'S. OLAY body wash. Kitchen and laundry goods covered as well with Scotch-Brite and SHOUT.

Disclosure: I received free samples from The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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