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Monday, April 20, 2015

Athleta Yoga and Shopping Event #AthletaUTC #PowerToTheShe #FuelingAmazing

On Saturday April 18 at 8 AM, +Athleta UTC hosted a private yoga and shopping event for bloggers. I loved the diversity of our group which consisted of mom, lifestyle, and running/fitness bloggers. I love meeting fellow bloggers IRL!

I was long overdue for some "me" time so the timing of the Athleta blogger meet up was PERFECT! It has been ages since I've had any retail therapy so that was a plus too! The Athleta store is located at +Westfield UTC (4505 La Jolla Village Dr. San Diego, CA 92122). By the time I got home I felt properly pampered. I was energized after our yoga practice and came home with some new gear that has me motivated to make more time for working out! It might be time for me to renew my membership at my neighborhood yoga studio!

#AthletaUTC #Powertotheshe #fuelingamazing
+Carlee Padot McClurg , +Melissa Kirkham+Smitha Arons , +Nicole Kempka, +Laura Lohr,  +Cynthia Labrador, +Veronica Stetter  +Margo Porras   

We started the day with refreshments and introductions. We were led by Lisa for our hour long yoga practice. I'll admit that I wasn't completely focused during my yoga session because I couldn't help eyeballing all of the great workout gear! I spotted a pair of capris that I HAD to have!

#AthletaUTC #Powertotheshe #fuelingamazing
My new Athleta gear: Palm Chaturanga™ Capri, Ready Set Short, and Renew Tank

After yoga I got to chat with blogger friends and browse the store. Athleta gifted us with a goodie bag, yoga mat, AND an extremely generous store discount! We were spoiled for sure! I even won an Athleta gift card in a raffle. It really was my lucky day! I left with 3 amazing new Athleta apparel items that I LOVE! And a few pieces that I am adding to my wish list. Mother's Day (and my Birthday) isn't far off! If you're looking for ideas... a gift card to Athleta is a good bet! Athleta carries more than workout apparel. They have many casual pieces that are perfect for any active lifestyle. Don't feel like being active? That's OK, there are some pieces that I think would be PERFECT for lounging in! Either way, I'm in!

#AthletaUTC #Powertotheshe #fuelingamazing

I'll be back to Athleta. I love that they hold in-store fitness classes, hemming services (great for shorties like me), and expedited shipping from stores. The best part: these services are offered to Athleta customers FREE of charge! Their Give-It-A-Workout Guarantee is pretty awesome: Work it out. IF it doesn't perform, return it.  No buyer's remorse!

Make sure to follow on Athleta on Instagram and @AthletaUTC on twitter to keep in the know!

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Disclosure: I was invited to a private yoga and shopping event hosted by Athleta UTC. I received a goodie bag, yoga mat, and store discount for my participation. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boudin SF Launches a NEW Spring Salad Collection #Saladelicious

Boudin SF, the fast-casual restaurant created by Boudin Bakery, creator of The Original San Francisco Sourdough™, has introduced three new limited-time salads. San Diego Bloggers were invited for a media tasting event at the Boudin Balboa Mesa location. We sampled the new Spring lineup that launched today, March 25. The new selections are Chicken Kale Caesar, Lemony Couscous, and Chicken Bahn Mi. We got to try them all! We also sampled the Happy Hour beer and wine offerings uniquely paired with each salad.

Boudin #Saladelicious
Bloggers: +Melanie M. , +Cynthia+Danielle+Dariela, +Melissa, +Lora, +Laura, +Leah  

Boudin SF's Executive Chef Alan Skversky joined us from San Francisco to debut the salad and drink pairings and shared a wealth of information about the Boudin way. Each salad is made fresh-to-order and served with a side of The Original San Francisco Sourdough™ bread. I've been a fan of Boudin for as long as I can remember. I will be completely honest and admit that until yesterday, I didn't think of Boudin's for salads. I LOVE the bread. I LOVE the clam chowder. Each and every time my order has been the same: clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.  Now I  have more to love when it comes to Boudin's. I can have the Best of Boudin: soup and salad! The three new salads will be featured on the menu for purchase as an entree (the serving size is a generous one) or available on Soup & Salad combos.

Executive Chef Alan Skversky Introducing the new salad offerings in the actual entree serving size

Chicken Banh Mi ($9.59) – Mixed greens, Soba noodles, all natural diced chicken, fresh cilantro, cucumber, red bell pepper, pickled carrots, red onion, and jalapeƱo peppers tossed in sesame ginger vinaigrette. The flavors of your favorite Vietnamese sandwich in a crisp salad. Paired with Kendall Jackson Chardonnay 2013 Vintners Reserve.

I have had my fair share of bahn mi sandwiches and this salad does have that bahn mi flavor. I was happily surprised! I wasn't too fond of the soba noodles but that is just my preference. I thought that the salad was great and didn't need the extra element. I'm no gourmet, so I may be way off on that one.

Boudin #Saladelicious Bahn Mi Salad
Chicken Bahn Mi

Lemony Couscous ($9.59) – Israeli Couscous, garbanzo beans, diced cucumbers, grape tomatoes, Kalamata olives, roasted red bell pepper, feta cheese, drizzled with creamy lemon dressing. Paired with La Crema Sonoma Coast 2013 Pinot Noir.

This was delicious! I am normally the type of person to pick out what I don't like out of my salads - not with this one! Everything really tasted perfect in combination. I loved it!

Boudin #Saladelicious Lemony Couscous Salad
Lemony Couscous

Chicken Kale Caesar ($8.59)– Chiffonade Tuscan kale and romaine lettuce, all natural diced chicken, grated Parmesan cheese, creamy Caesar dressing, topped with sourdough garlic crisps. Paired with Karl Strauss Tower 10 IPA.

I loved this salad too! I know some folks who aren't big fans of kale. This is the BEST kale salad that I have tasted. Even if you think that you don't like kale salad, THIS one will likely change your mind! The best testimony of this was from Leah's little girl who ate it all up and spoke up about how much she liked it! If the kids like it, I'm SOLD.

Boudin #Saladelicious Kale Caesar Salad
Chicken Kale Caesar

+Boudin SF dishes are made with seasonal, organic and locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible. Awesome, right? I do have to warn you that these salads are only offered for a limited time. All three salads will be served at Boudin SF locations throughout California beginning March 25 through the end of June. Hurry in! While you're there sign up for the Loyalty Club. Tip: sign up for the Email Club and receive exclusive offers! There are currently 33 Boudin SF locations. Find a location near you. For more information and promotions follow @boudinbakery on twitter, visit Boudin SF on facebook, and check out the Boudin Bakery website.  When you do, give their fine social media team a shout out from me!

Boudin #Saladelicious
Boudin SF Balboa Mesa with my blogging buddies: +Lora & +Melanie

YOUR TURN: I would LOVE to know which one would be your favorite. Once you try them out please let me know what you thought! Don't forget: they are only available until June!

Boudin #Saladelicious

Disclosure: I was an invited to sample Boudin SF's new Spring Collection. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sharing My Post Natal Weight Loss Story #PostNatalFatBurner #spon

FitTea invited me to share my post natal weight loss story.

Who remembers trying to lose weight after having a baby? To be honest, I didn't give weight loss much thought at first. I was a first time mom and I wasn't in a hurry to regain my pre-baby body. My only concern was taking care of my brand new baby and fitting into my new role as Mommy.  My husband is a very hands on parent so we learned together. He was there every step of the way. Our "baby" is now four years old. I guess that we are all different in deciding when we are ready to lose the pregnancy weight. And it's good to know that there are many options in which to drop those pounds.

A photo posted by @lifebycynthia on

During pregnancy I gained 50 pounds. It was my first (and only) pregnancy. I am thankful that I did not develop gestational diabetes. In fact I was on target with my weight gains as determined by my doctor. It wasn't until the end of my pregnancy that the most of my gains occurred. My pregnancy was considered high risk. I am an "advanced maternal aged" mom. It was both joyous and scary.

Fast forward to baby being born. In June of 2010 we had a healthy 8 pound 3 ounce baby boy. By the time I was discharged from the hospital I was 30 pound lighter. I did everything that I could to ensure the health of my child. I breastfed. Everything I ate was done mindfully. I did not want to pass along anything harmful to my baby boy. I didn't take any drastic measures in trying to lose weight. Since I was breastfeeding, I needed my calories. I didn't want to risk losing milk production.

I didn't weigh myself until  February 2011, when our son was 8 months old. I had lost a 7 pounds, without trying. No diet or exercise involved. I returned to work and was either breastfeeding or pumping constantly. By the end of March 2011, I had lost another 5 pounds. Total weight gained in pregnancy 50 lbs. Total weight LOST 42 lbs.  I was left with 8 pounds to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

The folks at +Fittea has an option for new moms: PostNatal Fatburner . If you are researching herbal supplements to assist in your weight loss efforts, visit the FitTea website. Check with your doctor to see if this is a good option for you. Their product may be what you are looking for. They report that the supplement can actually help you to increase your breast milk if that is an area of concern for you, as it was with me.

A photo posted by @lifebycynthia on

That last 8 pounds was the toughest to lose. I think that had I learned of FitTea's PostNatal Fatburner, I may have tried it.  I would definitely talk to my doctor before trying any type of weight loss program or supplement.

According to the FitTea website, PostNatal Fatburner is safe, effective, and 100% natural.

PostNatal Fatburner 411:
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Produces more lactation
  • Thermogenic fat burner
  • Contains NO caffeine or stimulants
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • FitTea's PostNatal Fatburner is safe for use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers

YOUR TURN: Thank you for reading about my weight loss story. I'd love to hear about yours. When do you decide that you were ready to lose the weight you put on in pregnancy? Are you like the celebs that bounce right back? Or were you more like me and took your sweet time? Maybe somewhere in between?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post to share my weight loss story. All opinions are my own. I do not make any health or medical claims. To learn more about PostNatal Fatburner visit the FitTea website and discuss the program with your physician.

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