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Friday, September 9, 2016

Macy's Celebrates Fashion Week At Fashion Valley in San Diego

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Macy's is hosting their Fashion's Front Row event in celebration of Fashion Week. I am thrilled that they are creating local events for all of us to enjoy! It's a fashion presentation spotlighting trends for fall AND a shopping party. For more information on events in your area or to RSVP, visit:

I will be joining Macy's as they host a fashion show event here in San Diego, CA at Macy's Fashion Valley on September 17th (Saturday) at 3pm. The event is FREE.

Macy's Fashion Valley
Women's Fashion on Level 2
7017 Friars Road
San Diego, CA 92108-1205

The shopping party will be hosted by reality TV star Dorothy Wang, the star of the hit E! series #RichKids of Beverly Hills and the founder of Fabuluxe Jewlery and Rich and Bubbly Champagne. You might have an opportunity to snap a photo with Dorothy if you stick around after the show.

This will be my FIRST Macy's In-Store event and I'm pretty excited about it. Visit with me on twitter, facebook, and Instagram as I'll be sharing more on those channels come event time!

Dorothy Wang

If you need ideas on sprucing up your wardrobe for fall, this is the event for you. The fashion presentation will showcase the hottest looks of the season. I don't know about you, but I do love getting a little bit of style inspiration by attending a fashion show!! Even if you are a fashionista by nature, it will surely be a fun event! Need a little retail therapy and a fun time out with your friends? Make it a G.N.O. and head out to Macy's for Fashion Front Row! If you spend $75 or more in Women's fashion and receive a customizable choker necklace!


Thursday, August 11, 2016

San Diego Neiman Marcus Fall Blogger Luncheon and Trend Event 2016 #NMEvents

I LOVE receiving (and accepting) the invitation from the team at Neiman Marcus to attend the fall trend presentation curated by Style Advisor Alex Yanez! It has become a way to celebrate the end of Summer with a sneak peek into Fall fashion! Neiman Marcus puts on a special seasonal event for invited bloggers and media. It is an event that I make sure not to miss! I love catching up with blogger friends and making new ones all while taking in a private fashion show!

Neiman Marcus San Diego at Fashion Valley
I am excited for Fall. Even though we really don't experience the full glory of typical Fall seasonal weather here in San Diego, I am not complaining! Our version of Fall is good enough for me. Not only does my attendance to the Neiman Marcus Blogger Event signal that school is resuming soon for our child, it's an opportunity to get ideas on how to update my Fall Fashion wardrobe! Bonus: I get to be social for the afternoon! When I think of Fall and Fashion together, I can't help but get nostalgic thinking about the phone calls over summer break with my BFF in middle school about what clothes our mothers let us pick out during back to school clothes shopping trips. We would talk on the phone and plan our wardrobe for the first day of school. I remember it like it was yesterday! When, in fact, it was over 30 years ago! For me, fall and fashion (both WAY back then AND now) puts a smile on my 45 year old face! I am as giddy as the kid that I once was!

I admit that I am creatively challenged when it comes to fashion and styling so I REALLY benefit from the tips and trends that are shared. I am not afraid to seek fashion help from the experts! Admittedly, I am a bit intimated by the talent that was all around me. I am familiar with said talented bloggers because I follow many of them on social media!

Luckily for me, there are many kind folks out there (waving hello to Paulina aka @lilbitsofpau (fashion blogger), Vanessa aka @fashionmixtape (creative director and blogger), Maria aka @marialilysomo (blogger, MUA, colorist, and stylist) and Ana aka @ireallyreallylove (journalist and blogger)!  Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of style & fashion. I have attended many fashion events (video). My favorites include a press conference for Fasihon Week SD (video) and a store launch party at Fashion Valley (video). I blog about fashion, but don't often create the looks like my style blogging friends. It's how I am most different at this function and why I feel like the odd man out. I'm just glad that there is still a place for me to be there!

All in all it really is a perfect day of friendship, fashion, and food. I enjoy the face to face meeting with those that I had already been following on social media. The connection is cool because it's like you kind of already know each other. Meeting in person is the cherry on top. Sweet!

A photo posted by Cynthia Labrador (@lifebycynthia) on

My dilemma when planning for the day is always: what should I wear?! Summer stuff? Pre-fall? I always opt for whatever I'm most comfortable in. And so it was. Like I said, the true fashion bloggers are always on point, accessorized, on trend, and impeccable with their hair and makeup. Me? Not so much. But I am all about lifestyle. MY personal lifestyle. That so happens to be the simple kind. SO here is what I went with: a comfy black shirt dress (which is also anti wrinkle: A+ for this Mom). Done. One day I will be more adventurous. For now I stick with what is easy and makes me feel good wearing it. Boring? I prefer to describe it as a practical, classic look, OK... I'll admit it: boring. Though seemingly bland, it works for me. For now.

I have to share what I wore right? For the sake of my blog post, I finally took the plunge and snapped my very first mirror selfie. The kids have it down, but this 45 year old mommy felt completely out of her element. Easing out of my comfort zone a little bit at a time!

Trends for Fall 2016:

Ripe Berry Shades + Fall Florals

Skirts That Move + EVERYTHING Velvet
There were so many photos of amazing fashion that I couldn't fit them all into a single blog post! I wasn't able to capture the best shots of the models this time around but I have a few nicely dressed mannequins to share! Please check out my facebook page and instagram for more! Many thanks to the the crew at Neiman Marcus in San Diego!

Here is a snapshot of my new Fashion and Blogging friend Vanessa and I with our Neiman Marcus Tote bags. I haven't tried out the beauty samples that were inside yet, but I am excited to!

I'd love to know what your fall fashion favorites are! Please share! I am a big fan of sharing.

I missed seeing Kris aka @kriscastillo (journalist) and Cyrillynn "Cy" aka @any2ndnow (fashion blogger) this time around. I wanted to thank Cy in person for hosting the Fashion Valley gift card giveaway that I won!

Disclosure: I received an invitation from Neiman Marcus San Diego to attend the 2016 Fall Trend presentation and luncheon. Attendees received a complimentary tote bag and cosmetics samples during the event. All opinions are my own. 

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