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San Diego MOJO! Let's GOOO West Coast!

San Diego MOJO! Let's GOOO West Coast!

In 2024 the Pro Volleyball Federation will hold its inaugural season and I am all about it!

I have been following along with great anticipation (mostly on Instagram) for the reveal of San Diego's team name and mascot! Last night it was revealed: The San Diego Mojo! Mascot: the Osprey. 

My wait is over. I support this squad and love that SOON I will be able to witness LIVE pro volleyball,  represent in SD Mojo merch, and just be in total awe. Who wants to come with to the home opener on February 23rd at Viejas Arena? Let's GO! I already tried logging in to secure tickets and got my message to "Check back soon for more information" notice - - Oh I WILL be checking back soon. I wanna be first in line. LOL. More to come my friends.