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CIF Rules Regarding Boys Volleyball Uniform : Slunks NOT Allowed

Boys Volleyball Illegal Uniform Shorts

Update: 2/27/24 - Slunks for the WIN! Slunks will have a CIF compliant option.

As of February 17, 2024 Slunks are illegal to wear during the Boys High School Volleyball Season according to CIF.

Who knew about this? I didn't. But now that I know, I want to know what your thoughts are. How do you all feel about this new rule? I feel bad for the high schools that have already purchased their 2024 uniforms that include Slunks shorts for their teams.

According to a notice published on January 16, 2024 by the CIF Southern Section: There are several different styles of uniform shorts made by Slunks that are illegal to wear during the Boys Volleyball season starting February 17, 2024.

Here is a link detailing the notice: Boys Volleyball Illegal Uniform Shorts.

We fall under the umbrella of the CIF Southern Section. This section has 556 schools. I couldn't find anything specifically for CIF San Diego - but according the the map, we are included. 

I am bummed for the kids, coaches, and for the Slunks fam that this affects. 

My son likes wearing Slunks. He has NEVER asked me to buy him a pair. Not once. He has never been materialistic. I get them for him because he is a good kid. He really is. And, he is a good volleyball player. He improves every time he touches a volleyball. He works hard. 

I know that this may sound weird - but they give the kid a little something. You always hear life/career coaches often refer to this quote: "Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have", or - the Barbara Corcoran Quote: “If you want to be noticed, dress the part" - My son at 13 is not familiar with this grown-up chatter. However, I remember how I felt when I was on the volleyball court in MY volleyball apparel.  I felt something special and I want to give my kid that edge. When you are dressed the part - you move differently. Call it confidence. Call it identifying as a volleyball player.

Moms take note: Slunks shorts wash and wear so well! All of his shorts look BRAND NEW even after they have been through the wash SO MANY TIMES. Are they expensive? Well, if you factor in the cost per wear - - - I would say that they are WORTH IT. And here is a BONUS: If your kiddo outgrows them, Slunks has a strong resale value. Or you can trade them with other Slunks collectors. Another plus:  that fabric is lined, comfortable, and made from recycled plastic bottles. 

My son will be starting high school in the Fall and will be trying out for the high school volleyball team in the Spring. We can reserve Slunk wearing for practices and club. Regardless of what the definition of acceptable uniforms are - we will still love and play volleyball - in our Slunks!

Will other volleyball brands be banned? Will uniforms look boring? Will they ban the tight teeny tiny spandex shorts for the girls' uniforms?

How strictly will they enforce this "no-Slunks" policy?

I would love to learn how this came about. Since they were not banned before, why are they deemed illegal now? How did CIF folks arrive at this decision?  If you know, please share your insight.

Or, if you just want to tell me about YOUR Slunks collection - please feel free.