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Valentine's Day 2011

My Loves
My husband has truly figured out what matters most to me.  We have been together for 6+ years (2 as marrieds) and he still finds ways to make my day.  Did I get chocolate & flowers dropped off by a delivery man? NO. Thank goodness.  I received my flowers a week or two earlier, and they are still blooming beautifully.  I don't need or want chocolates.  He knows that I'm trying to drop a few pounds (even though he doesn't think I need too).  What made it the best?  My husband.  He and my baby boy came to spend my lunch break with me.  It was the sweetest...

Visiting Mommy at the office
Here is a picture of my big guy at the office.  Baby Boy wouldn't look at the camera...he was all smiles until I took out the camera. Figures.  Hoping your Valentine's Day is a good one.