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My Life as Mom

I'd written a quick blog the other day (Absence from Blogland) because My Life as Mom is a busy one.  Time has been eluding me.  I try to squeeze in what I can whether it be a quickie blog, a load of laundry, exercise...both essential & non-essential things.  There is more to me than Mommy-hood.  Tying it all together with being a wife, a career woman, and breathing can be a bit of a juggling act.  Don't get me wrong I am thrilled to be Mom!  It is extremely rewarding. The love is a blessing and it has transformed the relationship between my husband and I to whole new level of a united front in caring for our son.  Understandably my blog hobby gets sidelined.   I do find it to be a welcomed relief though just to spew a few thoughts..."clearing out the clutter" as I wrote about in the past comparing it to "The purse dump" .  Thank goodness for 5 minute increments of time.