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Finding Time

Like all working mommies (and SAHM for that matter), free time has become such a luxury for me.  Even a tiny 5 minute span can bring peace. It allows me to spit out a few words in a blog, time to brush my hair, maybe to put on a little lipstick or dress up in an actual outfit other than sweats - that can be such a treat!  SO I try to find those little 5 minute spans of time.  Thus, keeping me sane and a happy partner to my hubby.  I've managed to keep the "crankies" at bay.  I will confess that I was prone to getting  pretty moody from time time.  Fatigue, feelings of chubbiness, not taking care of myself - all of that gets to you after a while.  It's great thing that hubby is such a good sport and can snap me out of it very quickly.  I have altered my ways and my attitude adjustment is working.  I've even hung up my elastic ponytail holders and have starting focusing a little more on my hair and makeup again. Here's my update: Photo Diary.


  1. Hi Cynthia, I can definitely relate! 5 minutes to myself in the morning really helps me function better through the day. Though, as a SAHM I think I would prefer 5 minutes every half hour:) Janae

  2. Hi Janae, I really enjoyed reading your blog! I'll definitely be back! Sometimes we working moms have an easier go when it comes to taking breaks! Law mandates it. I applaud SAHMs!


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