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New Moms Relate

I am not too surprised that a lot of my other Mom friends have gone through similar experiences as I had noted in my blog: "Girly Me".  Once you become a mother, especially so for the first timer, you really change your attitudes and priorities when it comes to "self".  Not a bad thing.  Of course your focus is going to shift to your young one, that's nature at its best.  I have no regrets and would not have done it any other way.  It is a nice treat though to take care of that "self" that you put on the back burner.  Squeezing in moments for Mom is pretty tough, but worth it.  I think.  I haven't yet begun my metamorphosis.  I'm still makeup less, hair ponied up, sensible shoes on the feet, and wearing a maternity t-shirt (sans the baby bump) layered under a sweater, but my trouser jeans are non-maternity (thank goodness, hated those).  Maybe when I get home I can post a pic.  Before & After pictures may prove to be motivation for myself.   Whether it be putting on some makeup in the morning, putting on a nice outfit (tired of living in sweats?), vegging out quietly, reading a book (anything other than parenting/baby magazines), chatting with a friend, or blogging....My wish for all Mommies out there is that you find that tiny little moment for yourself.  A guilt free (no thinking about "i should be doing this/that/the other" instead of doing what I'm doing) time out to just be you again.  Even for just 5 little minutes (that's how long it took to write this blog).


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