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Today I wore Lipstick...

...eyeshadow, eyeliner, powder, and blush.  Yes, I wore makeup today!  Let me give you some perspective since I didn't take a picture:  Definitely not the "RuPaul" degree of made up.  Much more subtle...Imagine if you will a 12 year old girl trying to be pretty by experimenting with her Moms makeup:  Wanting to look nice but also being very careful in order to avoid her parents having a freak out.

AND get this:  no elastic ponytail holder today!  Instead, I wore it up with a pretty barrette.  Hubby noticed that one.  I even spritzed a little hair spray today.   Now I didn't go crazy à la Jersey Shore on  Karma night!  Just a teeny spritz to manage my odd post pregnancy hair.  I chopped off more than a foot of it because it was driving me crazy.  I swear it has a mind of it's own now.  Weirdly wavy when once SUPER straight.  Strays popping up like weeds, regrowth I assume.

I'm also very proud to announce that I did not have on one single piece of maternity wear! I couldn't help but keep Victoria a secret for just a while longer. I have her safely kept in my top drawer.  And who cares anyway, that's private. I did let Kate out of her dust bag to play today (Spade that is) .  I have to remind myself not to let the diaper bag (I have 4 for different looks) be my purse!

Not bad for mommy's first day back.  All that AND I was an hour early to work!  All things are possible.


  1. You're really good! It took me 12 months after having Maddy to pull my "look" together again...but I still haven't found time to loose the ponytail.


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