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Functional and Fashionable with Orvis Women’s Spring Collection

I received complimentary product from Orvis for this review.

Update: I got my wish and got the Florence Travel Dress. I love it. I knew I would. Thank you Orvis! It was out of stock at the original blog post date - but once it was back in stock, I snagged mine. I wore it to a recent blogger event.

I am thrilled that that Orvis is giving me a hand in revitalizing my spring wardrobe. I am on the move to make life better in all ways! That includes my spring look. Thankfully I'm doing it with the help of the new Orvis Women’s Spring Line! My wardrobe was in serious need. This couldn't have happened at a better time!

I hit that refresh button pretty hard and am SO ready to turn a new leaf. I am making a mindful effort to spend as much time as I can outdoors and unchained to a desk all day! Rumor has it that sitting all day can be worse that smoking when it comes to your health! I'd have to research that one a bit more. But I am all for spending more time outside! I am ready for sunshine and fresh air. Tuesdays at the Farmers Market, Thursdays for morning yoga in the park with my moms group, and really just any day, every day out in the San Diego sunshine! My husband has been pushing for hikes/bike rides at the lake. With unseasonably high 90°+ temperatures it's been a bit too harsh for me for that level of activity. I don't want to end up on the local news for being in need of rescue due to heat exhaustion! I'm all for it once we get to our regular spring temperatures.

I am anticipating the delivery of an item that I have been fawning over. You know the feeling! Just knowing that it is in transit has me giddy.  You know that I am checking that tracking number to see how close my new baby is! There were a few pieces that caught my eye in the Orvis Women's spring collection. Sadly for me, they caught the eyes of many others and stock was unavailable in my size. I'll be checking back to see when it will be back in stock! I hope that you will stay tuned and check out my new spring look. I'll be updating with photos very soon!

I ordered the Mixed-Block-Print Shirt. I was drawn to the pattern on his women's cotton denim V-neck shirt. It has a a boho-chic look and feel and I can hardly wait to get my hands on it! I need more patterns in my life. Currently, everything I own seems to be a solid color. Pretty boring. I can't wait to wear this eye catching pattern!

Mixed Block Print Shirt

UPDATE: Check out my favorite ways to style the Mixed Block Print Shirt! I can wear it with shorts for a quick trip for school pick up - or a picnic would be great too! I can pair it with jeans and and jean jacket for lunch with friends. I can wear it with a denim skirt for a date with hubby! So fun! I will get a lot of use from this top for sure!

I REALLY wanted the Florence Travel Dress. However, it was sold out of my size. It comes in olive or black - I wanted one of each. It is said to be PERFECT for travel. Even when not traveling this would suit me for almost any occasion! I would be able to dress it up or down very easily. It is made to be an easy-care piece. The dress dries quickly and resists wrinkles. BONUS: it is moisture wicking with just the right amount of stretch AND UPF 50 sun protection.

Florence Travel Dress

Orvis commits a portion of pre-tax profits every year to protecting and sustaining the natural word. I can get behind that! Isn't it great when companies take conservation initiatives into their business model? I also appreciate the 100% satisfaction guarantee on Orvis clothing.

At Orvis you can shop for distinctive clothing for men or women, items for your home or your dog, fly-fishing or wingshooting gear, and they even offer travel services!

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Orvis Refresh Your Wardrobe Giveaway

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I love all things Spring! What are some of your favorite ways to dress for spring?
If you do win a gift card who would you shop for?

Disclosure: I received complimentary product from Orvis for this review. All opinions are my own.