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Bloggy Blessings For A Bad Blogger

My son and I have matching dimples.
Oh HELLO Friend! Here I am! I wanted to pop in just to test the waters and share a bit about what is going on with me as well as what you may be seeing on the blog in the very near future.

I know that my posts have been sporadic. This is by design. I am unapologetic that my blog is at the back of a very long line on my list of priorities. My home life with my loved ones will always come before my blogging pursuits. I don't post as regularly as I should. I know that it makes me a bad blogger. I've said it before and I am still not ashamed to admit that my blog sucks, but my life doesn't! I am OK with that. Long ago I gave up on trying to juggle family life, work life, and blogging. I've been a much happier blogger for it. I take care of work and home first so that I may happily blog when I CAN and when I WANT to.  It makes blogging more rewarding for me knowing that everything at home and work is in order. I'd rather make the choice to be bad at blogging vs. being a bad mommy, wife, or employee.  I admire those that can do it all. Maybe one day that will be me. I know many moms who blog that CAN do it all. If fact they seem to do it with ease and grace. That encourages me, inspires me, and leaves me in awe. But for now, (for me) working a full time job outside of the home and keeping up with my husband and our 5 year old son keeps my plate full. It's been quite some time now that I gave up sleep deprivation in exchange for blogging and I do not regret it. It's just better for me and for my family this way.

Family trip to Barnes & Noble - Shopping at Marshalls - Cruising around Seaport Village 

These guys! MY guys! I love them both even though it's not always easy to keep up with them! When you don't see a new post from me, it is safe to guess that I am hanging out with these two! With school starting on Monday, we will be an even busier family! Homework here we come!

I may have been quiet here but I have been busy lining up some VERY exciting things. I really should say that the magical Universe has been lining up some great things and sending them my way! Isn't it a nice feeling when you get happy news out of the blue? It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I am not such a bad blogger after all!

I am always honored when opportunities find their way home to me. I am passive when it comes to blogging opportunities such as events, sponsored posts, and the like. Perhaps one day soon I will have the time, energy, and confidence to go out there and slay some opportunities on my own. I'll get my blogging butt in gear one day and attempt to pitch like many of the bloggers that I admire! Goals for the future. For now, I am happy, humble, and thankful. Even though I am not as active as I once wanted to be, I still get awesome opportunities! In fact, I turn down way more than I accept. Isn't that crazy?! It's OK to walk away once in a while. It lets that opportunity find it's way to someone who REALLY, really, really wants it and has the time for it.

So, for those of you that are like me and think that you are a "bad blogger", don't lose faith! Blog when it feels good.

Bloggy Blessings that have me feeling giddy and encourage me to blog on:
  • Hubby and I combined a blogging event and date night into one! Win! We collaborated on the Grand Opening of Lemonade UTC post that I shared recently.
  • I am going to ShiftCon 2015 in September. Volunteering and room sharing to keep costs down.
  • I was invited to the first ever HP Print and Pamper Retreat by MyPrintly! Bonus: Road Trip to Disneyland! You should see the invitees - many of my blog heros will be there and I get to go too! To say that I am honored to be included is an understatement!
  • Jackery has invited me to guest post on their blog. I use their portable chargers ALL the time.
  • I was invited by Jord Wood Watch to join their Preferred Partner Blogger Program. I liked their watch. They liked my blog post.

I've said in the past: My blog sucks, but my life sure doesn't! When I revisit this post: Bad Blogger, Good Mommy and read the comments left for me, I know that my choice is the right choice.


  1. Great post! I feel this way all the time. It is hard to juggle it all but being happy and with family is always a priority. Keep it up mama!

    1. Thank you Bri! You do such a great job with your blog! You are among the heros I spoke of! You are inspiring.

  2. I hear ya! We can't do it all. I've had to refocus my blog to write about things that I truly care about so that it doesn't become a chore. It makes life a lot easier.

  3. Love that you are being so authentic in your choices and supporting where you can and giving other bloggers the freedom to do the same! These last 2 weeks I have been for sure slow to post new stuff but part of it is because I'm working on a few things that will sort of all fall into place at once. AND I'm trying to make my blog better as in the design... finally adding tabs and getting someone to add those darn social media buttons haha!

  4. Girl, you are by far not a "bad blogger"! Your bloggy blessings are a testament to your awesomeness!

  5. For me, family is always first! The blog is always last. But since my kids are grown and gone, I have a lot more time for it -- and I still don't do it on a regular basis. Do it when you feel the urge and it will be more rewarding for you.

    1. Thanks Suzette! I have a long way before our kiddo is grown and gone! Great advice!

  6. For someone who has been in the scene for awhile, I wouldn't call you a "bad blogger" more like a wise one! Of course your family comes first, as it should! Blessings come to people who deserve them! Kudos for prioritizing your life and sharing it with us!

  7. I've certainly been a bad blogger lately! Between moving (twice) this summer, having baby #3 due soon, and trying to keep up with the kids, it's hard to make time. Some nights, I just want to sit on the couch and watch Glee on Netflix, so that's what I do! And... crazy enough, my blog stats are booming, thanks to the Pintrest tip I just figured out. (Check out my post on the blog;)


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