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Neiman Marcus Fall 2015 Fashion Trend Report

It's that time for the Neiman Marcus Fall Trend Event! The Fall 2015 Trend Event preview in San Diego was held on August 12 at Neiman Marcus Fashion Valley. While enjoying a nice lunch, bloggers had the opportunity to preview Fall Fashion as presented by Style Advisor Alex Yanez. Food and fashion with friends (old and new) is a great way to spend an afternoon! The Fall 15 Trend Event runs from August 12-19 at Neiman Marcus, don't miss out on the GWP.

Several bloggers and I arrived fashionably early. We all took advantage of a quick photo op prior to the start of the show. To be honest, I love fashion and style - but since becoming a Mommy, I don't really dress the part that much anymore! I wasn't sure WHAT to wear but will post very soon on what I decided on! Meanwhile, please take a peek at some of the pictures that I was able to snap from my vantage point and my thoughts on Fall 2015. All of my pictures were taken with my smartphone, I guess I don't need a DSLR after all!

Fall 2015 Looks
I LOVED the styles as they were presented on the models! Simply chic! Let's face it, I'm no model and cannot pull off the looks that were shared. I just might end up looking like the abandoned treadmill in your garage with hangers of clothes draped on it! We would NOT want to subject any fashion to that! Not with these couture looks. Even IF some of these items were made-to-measure just for me, I don't think they would look quite as fabulous or fit into my lifestyle!  I still enjoyed them all and it really is like viewing works of art. All is not lost. I can pick and choose from some of the suggestions and incorporate them into my busy lady work-mom-wife life! Better yet, I can book time with a NM stylist to help me shop the trends! Or... convince a fashion/style blogger friend to accompany me on a shop! Sometimes we all need to be warned if we are fashion failing! Those dressing room mirrors can confuse a girl! An honest eye and dose of truth is all I need. That and a shopping sponsor! LOL. Back to reality and my very real fashion experience with Neiman Marcus!

Check out the Trend report and my initial takeaway:

  • Folklorica I must say NO. This one would be a tough look for me to master, so I'll stay away.
  • The Last Layer It's a YES! I LOVE layers! I will be wearing mine!
  • Full-Bodied Reds Totally YES! I LOVE Reds! I'm even going for the Crimson lips!
  • White Out Tough call. MAYBE. I'm a busy Mom... white = stain magnet!
  • Modern Fur I just don't know how to rock the fur (or faux fur). NO, not for me.
  • The Return of the Flair  I'm glad that I kept those flared jeans and pants! YES.
  • The Saddle Bag I'm on the hunt for one now! YES!
  • Chunky Heels I love shoes. Almost all shoes. Just YES
  • Ear Candy LONG hair hides my ears. MAYBE. Especially since NM gifted us with some!
  • The Well-Dressed Leg Just not for me. NO. BUT I've never tried them so YNK! MAYBE.

My favorites for Fall are the Full-Bodied Reds. I am a fan of the Last Layer trend as well! I confess that I have been a long time fan of ponchos and blanket style wraps, even when they weren't considered on trend! I hope that this Fall is a COLD one. Doubtful, as I live in San Diego! On the upside: our office temperature seems to always be set to frigid so I'll be fine layering up! My hunt is on for a Saddle Bag! I need one ASAP! With that I think that I'll be set for Fall. I do want to find some fabulous RED lipcolor. Note to my Beauty Blogger pals: shall we shop? Don't let me rock the wrong red!

It wasn't mentioned in the NM LIST graphic above, but Alex did point out that you will be seeing tunic lengths this fall! I will be on the lookout for tunic length dresses and leggings for my Fall 2015 wardrobe.

Ladies, let us not forget about the MEN! Menswear is looking pretty cool for this Fall. Alex let us know to be on the look out for hoodies under jackets, backpacks, and VELVET.

I hope that you enjoyed the pretty pictures that I snapped with my phone at the event. Thank you for reading my post. See you next time! Before you go, please share your faves for Fall 2015. I would love to know YOUR thoughts so feel free to comment below!

Disclosure: I received an invitation from Neiman Marcus San Diego to attend the 2015 Fall Trend presentation and luncheon. I also received a complimentary pair of earrings during the event. All opinions are my own.


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