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Do You Have Time To Blog?

Time for an update on my blogging progress.  Last month I decided to focus more on my blog topics. Here is my original post: Future Blog Topics: Family Fun.  By listing what I intended to write about I am finding that it has helped me to stay on task.  So far I have completed half of my list!  I may have to make a new list soon!  I'd love to know what your tips & tricks are for managing time for blogging.  I'm always looking for ways to get the most out of what little bits of time I can find! I found my past blog post from last year and I have come a such long way since then. Now I have Time or at least I'm much better at managing it. Yay for progress.  I could still use your tips since I have so much room for improvement!

Stay tuned for these post topics:

Mr. & Mrs. Done 11/101/12
Family Time Done 10/27/12
Balloon Animals Done 10/23/12
Moms Night Out Done 10/30/12
Halloween Done 10/29/12
Holiday Treats
30 Day Fitness Challenge
Diet & Weight Loss Done 11/08
My Marvelous Mom
Food Favorites

Enough about ME. What are YOU blogging about these days?


  1. Way to go Cyn!! Glad you are able to post more these days. I'm behind in a few reviews and have about six different reviews that I still need to post. I have a some family adventures to post and of course with the holidays coming up...there will be so much more. Keep up the good work!!

  2. I constantly remind myself that it only takes a few minutes to get my thoughts down in a blog post. Stressing about how much I haven't written wastes time that I could use to actually write. Give yourself 30 minutes a week or a day, or how ever often you'd like and just get it done. Procrastination will have you writing about something that happened in January, in December! Ha.

  3. Hi Cynthia! Glad to have found you on VBoks. Blogging tends to be challenging for me sometimes because I have a hard time finding interesting material. I find that stressing about the topic definitely helps. I think we can write about the mundane with a certain twist and voila!...there goes an entry we can be proud of...or big deal right? The most important thing is that we keep enjoying what we're doing.

  4. You are doing excellent to have a plan. I have titles written done for things i would like to write about. I build them in my head. Then one day the opportunity arises and I spill it all out. If I sat down to physically try and I wasn't ready yet, then it would take me more than time I had allowed.

  5. I just write whatever comes to my mind for the day. I'm nowhere near as organized as you, and have yet to make a list. I'm new at it though (started in the summer), so I'm learning and will get better. I betcha' I'll even have a list or two going someday. :)

    Feels good when you get to mark things off of a to-do list, doesn't it?

  6. I blog about what ever made me laugh the hardest that day. Usually thanks to my boys I have plenty to write. lately I have been writing a fictional tale because I just really wanted to.

  7. I write about chocolate and anything that has anything to do with chocolate. That is pretty much it. Thankfully I eat a lot of chocolate so I am never in short supply of talking about chocolate. :) Do you like chocolate?

  8. It's good to have a list of things you want to cover on your blog. I have a mind map of sorts that I want to cover some day.

    I blog mostly about couponing, ways to save money, being frugal, recipes, canning and throw in giveaways too.

  9. I set up a blogging calandar and follow memes for different days of the week. I too do make up series which I write about on topics that are requested by readers every 2-3 months.

    It's great to see that you are following your schedule.


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