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Sweet November

Here is my long overdue Mr. & Mrs. post.  I wanted to share a bit about wedded life. Well... not so much about wedded life, but more about sharing how much I adore my Mr.!  I am lucky, I know it but don't always show it.  I'm sure that my husband would rather NOT be a the focus of a blog topic. He doesn't read my blog so I think that makes it OK.  Or at least I hope so! If this post mysteriously disappears, you'll know that I was censored! LOL.

WOW November! It is NOVEMBER. Where did the time go?  Our life seems to be in fast forward these days.  This glorious month is my husband's birth month. It is the month that I first met his mother, the month that we announced that we were pregnant, and the month when we celebrate one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. SO... In honor of this sweet month and to show my thanks: I am going to make an effort to celebrate hubby's birthday all month long.  Hopefully that will remind him of how special I think that he is! My confession: Since our baby boy was born over 2 years ago I have been focused on being the best mommy that I can be, but NOT necessarily on the best wife that I can be! Yes... I admit it....I am that "not-so-great" wife.  Is anyone else with me?  It's not easy for me with so many life changes going on. Have I mentioned that I am going on 42 YEARS of age?!  I'm no spring chicken!  But no more excuses! Not this month at least! I will try my best. Because my guy is worth it.

SO - - - happy birthday (birthMONTH) to my hubby!  His present? The gift of a SWEET Wife!

In this post I have included family photos from my husband's birthday celebrations since the arrival of our son. The first year he got a cake. For the second year we took a family trip to Las Vegas but I forgot about a birthday cake! THIS year?! Stay tuned!
I am hoping to enlist YOUR help with ideas to make it the BEST November ever for my guy! Please share how you have WOWed your hubby! I need you!



Note: YES, that is me about 20 pounds ago. I have about 10 lbs that I'd like to shed. But that is a separate blog post!


  1. I'm right there with you sister. Almost 42. It's hard to be a great wife in the early days of motherhood. One sweet thing I learned was that my husband likes for me to keep him company. As much as I don't care to sit down and watch television there are some shows that we now watch together. My guess is that anytime he gets you one on one after the baby goes to sleep and you aren't doing anything else, he will like that. It means sitting still and not getting anything done - a sacrifice - but a meaningful one nonetheless and it doesn't cost a thing.

  2. Kenya G. Johnson Wonderful advice Kenya! Thank you!

  3. Awww, how sweet!
    It's been four years since we last celebrated our birthdays together (with the husband working overseas and all), and how I would love to do sweet things for my husband again. :)

    When he was still here, I'd usually surprise him with a cake and a simple gift on his birthday. My husband isn't the most romantic person in the world but I know he loves late night talks over coffee and cigs (I used to smoke, lol) the most. :)

  4. I get hubby tickets to an event he can do w/the boys. He spends so much time providing for the family, working hard, and studying for school that I know he needs the down time. He won't do it on his own though, I gotta give him that nudge (and I use his birthday as the perfect excuse to do it). He comes back refreshed and happy.

    Not sure if that helps, I like Kenya and Czjai's thoughts on quality time.

  5. I'm right there with you, too... I am 43 with two little ones. It is difficult to find balance. My husband likes one on one attention; hanging out after the kids go to bed or early in the morning... maybe surprise him with a morning time massage and breakfast in bed as one of your month long celebration. I've even left an "I love you" message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Just keeping it simple... Have Fun!

  6. Oh Cynthia, I'm the exact same way. I'm 42 and I'm trying to be a good mom. We are really supposed to put our husbands first and then our kids, but it's hard isn't it? It's so hard to find the time and energy to do everything!!! I would focus on anything that your hubby might have ever grumbled about. . . . for example my hubby would like me to clean out the van more often and keep the counters de-cluttered. I can't do it every day. But, if I was going to try to make a special effort, those would be the first two things I'd do. So, if your hubby has mentioned anything? Happy Birth(month) to him!!!

  7. The best gift I can give my husband is time alone! I know that sounds crazy, but one day a week I try not to honey-do him like crazy. He appreciates the time he gets to work on his own to do list and then is with us 100% on his other day off.

  8. Thank you ladies! I absolutely LOVE all of your feedback! You are all so awesome and hubby will be very grateful for your input! :)

    He is out with the guys for happy hour tonight at the moment.


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