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I've noticed that lately all I've been posting is "Wordless Wednesday" posts! My excuse has been lack of time. It IS the truth. However, I cannot call myself a blogger if I haven't been blogging! I truly WANT to but I just can find a moment to sit down & get my thoughts together. I am tired of being silenced by time (lack of time that is).  I am putting this in writing so HOPEFULLY I can hold myself to this:

I will BLOG more often!

THERE, I've said it. Please pray for me that I can do it!

How do YOU find time to keep up with your blogging?  P L E A S E share your tips. I need help.

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Note: I have a 16 month old, I work 40 hrs/week outside of the home, and I'm 40 years old! Some (MOST) days I'm just too dang tired! Thankfully I have a supportive husband that helps me with the day to day things around our home.


  1. I try to have a few posts drafted ahead of time, and ready to publish on the right day. It works for me, since I pretty much follow a format. :-)

    I gave you an award today on my blog! Please come check it out!

  2. I think you are amazing!! I did not start to blog till last year when my youngest started kindergarten. I don't know how you guys with young kids do it, add working outside the home and I think you are doing great! I post once a week, for me that is what I can commit to. I know that I can put out one polished good piece a week, anymore than that right now and I would not be able to give it my all. Would something like that work for you, give yourself one or two days a week? Anyway, I think you are wonderful!! Take care!!!

  3. @ Smart Cents Review Great advice, thank you.

    And a BIG hug for awarding me! You made my day. Your support & encouragement is appreciated!

    @ Kathy THANK YOU for your kind words & advice! After attending BlogHer earlier this year, I was so excited to dive in. Then our son became an active toddler (overnight)!

    Where there is a will, there is a way!

    Thank you both for taking the time out to offer your suggestions! :)

  4. Whenever I find a free moment (usually on the weekends) I bang out about three or four posts at once and schedule them. It makes it so I don't have to worry about my blog through the crazy week. It can be a struggle, but good for you for keeping at it! :-)

  5. Good advice as far as compiling multiple posts at could also blog while baby is sleeping, blog while using the restroom ;), or just sacrifice sleep altogether and blog to your hearts content while everyone is away in dreamland =D

  6. @ TyKes Mom Thanks for the tips! I'll try!

    @ Rachel Joy LOL, I'll try my hand at multi-tasking on the toliet! Haha! ♥ You!

  7. You are so busy! I would love to get all my posts written on the weekend, but usually I just can't think of that many things to write at once! Most of my writing is done late at night, the night before I publish something. Not the best way to go.

    I love how Kathy puts her all into one wonderful post a week, though maybe for you, still publishing mostly pictures, which I love to see, then committing to one or two regular posts a week.

    Whatever you decide, I'm glad your blogging. :)

  8. I just use bullet points when I don't have time.

  9. Hey, don't set yourself up for more deadlines! Remember why you first started your blog. The minute it becomes an obligation, it would be more of a burden than an enjoyment to you. If you're really busy, maybe just stick to 2 or 3 short posts a week :)

  10. It's OK to slow down when you need to. Just pick it up when you can. Take advantage of the kids' naptimes and bedtimes. That's when I get the most work done!


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