Life by Cynthia: March 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Of Course I Want. . . BUT

Of course I want my blog(s) to be read (aka have "followers") BUT (a very BIG BUT):

I do not care about how many followers a blog has because if your blog posts go unread it can be frustrating.  Who wants to write in vain? Personally, I would rather have 1 reader who comments on a post vs. 100 followers.  IMHO the joy of blogging is in the fact that someone READS what you have to write and is drawn in enough to leave a comment.  That interaction is what drives me to blog.

I hope that I don't come off as a mommy blog hater because I'm not.  With all sincerity I am NOT a Blog Snob.  I blog for the sake of blogging and not to "collect" a bazillion followers.  I will NEVER ask someone to "follow me".  Isn't it truly more flattering when someone genuinely likes your blog and adds you to their reading list "just because"?  Is it not the greatest compliment & feeling of connection when someone leaves a comment for you after actually READING your post?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workouts That Work?

Last night my old friend Mari Winsor and I had great fun working our buns and thighs. From the comfort of my very own living room I had a quick Pilates workout that has me feeling quite nicely today. Sore galore! Nice. Proof of progress. It's just what the doctor ordered.

I have to admit that I have been a sucker and purchased a few at home workout videos and gadgets. From Eric Nies' MTV Grind Workout Video, Tae Bo with Billy Blanks, the Ab Roller and countless others....You get the gist! Have they worked? Uh...they might have. IF I had used them consistently. My husband has P90X somewhere around the house but I will take baby steps for now.

In the past I have enjoyed going to gym to workout as well as practicing at my favorite yoga studio. However, I am just not quite ready for public workouts yet. Anyone have any success stories to share with their "at home" routine?

Monday, March 21, 2011

8 Pounds 3 Ounces

8 lbs 3 oz = Not only the weight of my child at birth but the amount left for me to lose!  I have blogged about the "Baby Weight" (The Skinny) but haven't updated.  To my surprise I have been continuously losing weight even though I have not been actively trying to. To date I have lost about 43 lbs. If I lose the equivalent to what my baby's birth weight was I will be back to my pre-pregnancy weight!  As long as I get there by May 19, 2011 I'll be a happy camper.  Isn't it funny how we are uncomfortable divulging our weight?  I was uncomfortable discussing it at first.  I must say that there is something liberating in just letting it all "hang out".  I'm much weight did you put on during pregnancy?  How long did it take to take off? HOW did you do it?

If you still have the heebie-jeebies about admitting weight = no worries!  I totally understand.  It's unfair to put anyone on the spot. Heebie-Jeebie's. I just love saying that. Heebie-Jeebies. Heebie-Jeebies. Heebie-Jeebies.  That was fun.  Who wants to make a bet that NO ONE will reveal their weight?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drugs & Our Babies

Anyone have teenagers? Could they be smoking marijuana? Test them!   Drug Test - Marijuana (THC) 5 Urine Test Strips for $3.50 you can test your kid at home.

I guess you can find anything on, so I don't really know why I am surprised.  What a wake up call.  What ever happened to the "Just Say No" campaign?

I don't have a teen, our guy is only 9 months old and I know for a fact that he doesn't smoke.  I hope that I will be as sure of this fact for the rest of his life!   I want to know without a doubt, just as I know right now.   I'm going to  read up on parenting blogs to see how moms & dads of teens handle that experimental stage these days.  I've got 12 years to prepare myself.  I hope it's the teen years that I need to be concerned with...Sadly, it's probably grade school & preteens starting earlier than from what I remember as a youth. Alcohol & drugs were not a part of my teen years, but I did start noticing during middle school that some kids smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol.  Personally, I feared my folks, didn't have access, and simply wasn't interested.  When our son is a teen I will be in my 50's and nearing 60 years of age.  I wonder how many other "late start" first time moms that are out there...

Is loving our children, keeping them busy with sports and such, and leading by example enough to keep them from being exposed to drugs and all of the negatives out there?  Such scary things to think about for our baby boy...but a necessary evil to contend with.  I will not pretend that the problem is not there. For his sake.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Internet Ban

I'm still alive.  I am surviving my Internet at home ban quite nicely.  I still check my personal emails online during my breaks while I am in the office, so I am not completely cut off.  Perhaps that will be next years' challenge.  I have bee posting my "quickie" break time blogs at Confidential Conversation just to brainstorm and jot down a few of life's happenings for future blog fodder.  I hope that all is well in the land of blogs. Being away from the Internet has been very refreshing and gives me time to think of ideas. I am planning on changing a lot of my blog and can hardly wait to do so.  I am finally compiling my reading list & recommendations of Mom Blogs that I have found an LOVE.

I'll be back again SOON.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Too good not to share

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I have never re-posted but this was too good not to share.  I have attached a blog post  from a new found blog friend. Both her post as well as the comments from her readers speak volumes.

I am not new to blogging, but I am new to Mommy Blogging.  It's a whole different ball game with mommy blogging that's for sure! In my brief experience with "Mom Blog" communities I had discovered that you don't find many true readers & commenters as you would in the typical blog arena (which I am more accustomed to).  Instead, you have hoarders of followers that stalk new members and plead for a follow.  I felt like I jumped into a tank full of piranhas. At first. Now that I have found a few ladies that "get me", It's a much nicer place to be.

If you are new to blogging this is a wonderful lesson on blog etiquette.
Surviving Motherhood: The Most Insulting Comment Ever & Day 36. 329 Days...: "First and foremost, I write to express an idea or something I have experienced Blogging is about telling a story. Often, opinions become par..."

Thank you !

I am no longer feeling like a Blog Snob. I am NOT alone. Hooray!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday - My Plans for Lent

With Easter season upon us I have been contemplating what Lenten sacrifices I will make.  In the past I have given up a range of things like sodas & sweets to Internet use and television viewing.  I always like to add a good deed as something extra.  One year I devoted my Wednesday afternoons to picking up my young niece from school and spending the day with her.  Another time I prepared weekly batches of donations of the things that my family no longer uses or needs to give to the less fortunate.  Since we live a pretty simple life already, it's hard to come up with something significant enough to do without.  This year I have decided to give up ALL at home Internet use.   I've done it before and it's really not a very easy thing to do, especially if it's the only real entertainment that you indulge in.  This will free up more time for me to spend for religious contemplation, nurturing my home life, and also to get a jump start on spring cleaning.  I cannot cut myself from the world altogether but will only allow myself a total of 15 minutes to check emails, etc which I will do from the office (during my breaks of course).   I want to eliminate any distractions when at home.  I will also forgo any spending that is not an absolute necessity.  That means no online shopping, no eating out for lunch, NOTHING extra.  Basically groceries and baby items only.  This year I will again prepare donations - it really is helpful twofold: someone else who needs it will be able to have it, and it helps with the spring cleaning.

Even if you are not a religious person and do not recognize the Easter season, it is good practice to think about all the excess in our lives and what we could do without.  Realistically, how much time do we spend online - shopping, blogging, social networking?  The time that we spend (waste) is time that we could be doing other things. More meaningful things.  I've been a culprit, I mean who hasn't?  I just try to be more and more mindful of it since I have a husband and son who love me and want to spend quality time with me.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Number 2 + Squirmy Baby = Mess for Mommy?

My baby boy is 8 months old and has excellent motor skills. He is extremely active and curious about everything around him - wonderful right?!  For the most part YES! Uh, except when it's time to change his diaper. Mr. Busybody won't stay still all the time. He has long since discovered his man parts and keeping his hands clear of that area is quite an excercise! He does cooperate when he feels like it and it's not too bad if it's just a wet diaper...But he is now eating solids and when it's time to change THAT diaper is when it causes concern.  Oh I miss the days when he'd just look at me and smile at me with his sweet angelic face...Now he wants to show me how good he is at flipping over & crawling away.  Not to mention his kicking skills! Like I said, not so bad with the wet diapers...potentially dangerous with the dirty ones!  I say potentially because I haven't had any disasters yet.  Key word: "yet".

How do you more experienced moms deal? Distraction tactics? Pinning him down? Tag team with hubby's help? Any horror stories out there?

Disclaimer:  Sorry if this is TMI. I tried to be as tasteful as I could. sincerest apologies. I held back and didn't describe this as graphically as I could have.  Then  again...we are all moms and nothing grosses out a mom right?!  Well....OK, I'm human - there's lots that still gross me out.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today Show: Mommy Blogs

Mommy's who blog should check this out.  To be honest I did not have time to watch the entire video clip but will. I just wanted to make sure that I shared what I stumbled across while I have a free moment. Meanwhile, please watch the video and let me know what you all think.   Whether you are a working mom or SAHM, just be the best parent that you can be. I have not personally experienced any blog bullying and was pretty naive to think that it didn't exist.  We all have our opinions and sometimes when be believe so strongly in something it's hard to see the other side.   One of the reasons I love blogging is for this very reason - the differing of opinions.  Sometimes just reading someone else's views can change your mind about something. Have a great weekend!

Out of curiosity, has anyone witnessed any examples of blog bullies?

Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Party It's Potty Time!

My son is too young yet for this event but I wanted to share this information for those mommies that are going through potty training their little ones.  If you live in the San Diego area, or plan to visit during during the month of March, Huggies & Ralph's is putting on an event and the World Famous San Diego Zoo.  It is on Wednesday, March 23 from 10:00am to 11:30am.

The Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Party is FREE with San Diego Zoo admission. The Zoofari Party tent has a 500 person capacity; first come, first admitted.

Visit the Pull-Ups Facebook Page, become a fan, and RSVP to the event.

Click the link below for a special offer on admission (all zoo members get in free). Link:

Sounds like fun and who doesn't like giveaways?!

Hopefully they will put on another event like this once my son gets older.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blog Snob

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My wonderfully savvy friend on all things online has introduced me to a group that specializes in mommy blogs.  She is an amazing, energetic WAHM with 2 active boys, runs her own business, and should win "best all around" (remember that from high school?).  I did not hesitate to accept the invitation as I am on a quest for great reads. I have  found a handful of excellent mom blogs prior to joining this mommy group, but I thirst for more.

So far I am excited about this new adventure, but I do have a few apprehensions.  I'm getting the feeling that I may be in the wrong place??  I need to keep an open mind and explore more.  I didn't invest as much time as I would've liked to, but will try to steal away moments when I can to peruse the site a little better.  I will try not to make any premature judgements. However, I do want to share my initial observations. 

From the get go I received the much dreaded "check out my blog", "follow me" and then "I'll follow you".  I don't like that pressure.  A simple welcome and hello is nice, but I feel like I am being recruited.  I didn't just join a cult, did I?!  I don't want to feel obligated to follow a blog just because someone chooses to follow mine or because someone pleaded with me to follow theirs.  I am the kind of person who will feel bad about hurting someones feelings if I don't follow.  On the flip side, like I said:  I won't follow merely because someone asked.  I will read the blog, see if it fits my wants & needs and then follow.  I will only do so if I genuinely like a blog and will READ the blog.  I can tell that most requests are copied and pasted as I see the same EXACT word for word message on all of the other newbies profiles. I've also observed that comments being left on blog posts with those types of requests don't even relate to what was written by the blogger.  At least feign interest.  Try to read the post that you're commenting on!  Sheesh.  It's a numbers game and they even offer suggestions on how to "increase traffic" to your blog.  I don't like traffic, I'm going to avoid that traffic jam.

Let me say this:  Dear Reader you are much more than "traffic" to me.  I would never classify someone who reads by blog as a "follower".  I am more likely to use the term friend, guest, visitor...

Additionally, if I should follow you or comment on your posts - please, please, please, do not feel obligated to follow mine.  Honestly, for this writer it is much more flattering to be followed out of genuine interest, not because it's a favor returned.

I am a busy mommy and wife who works outside of the home (on occasion I do work from home as I am blessed with an amazing employer) and just don't have the time to read that many blogs.  So please don't be offended or take it personally if I don't "follow" per your requests.  It's not you, it's me.  I'm picky.  I'm picky because if  I'm lucky if I can squeeze in a solid 30 minutes to read/write blogs.  I actually DO read the blogs that I subscribe to and will comment on them.  I just don't have time to be overwhelmed with too many blogs to follow. Ya follow me?

Bottom line is that I want to teach my son not to succumb to peer pressure.  I want him to comfortably opt out if he doesn't feel right about doing what the "other kids" are doing.  I can teach him best by living out my lesson. Thank you for reading this and allowing me to express myself.  It's all practice, no preaching.

I hope this doesn't make me out to be a blog snob.  Or, maybe I am one??   Then I think to myself:  since when is being selective a BAD thing?

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