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Friday, March 4, 2011

Today Show: Mommy Blogs

Mommy's who blog should check this out.  To be honest I did not have time to watch the entire video clip but will. I just wanted to make sure that I shared what I stumbled across while I have a free moment. Meanwhile, please watch the video and let me know what you all think.   Whether you are a working mom or SAHM, just be the best parent that you can be. I have not personally experienced any blog bullying and was pretty naive to think that it didn't exist.  We all have our opinions and sometimes when be believe so strongly in something it's hard to see the other side.   One of the reasons I love blogging is for this very reason - the differing of opinions.  Sometimes just reading someone else's views can change your mind about something. Have a great weekend!

Out of curiosity, has anyone witnessed any examples of blog bullies?


  1. I haven't experienced cyber bullying, but I haven't really gone all-out public with my blog either. When I stayed home with the baby, I found and linked up with Blog With Integrity. It was a good place to start connecting and reading other parenting/family blogs.

  2. Macross Kitty: Pretty much the same for me too as you described. I should tell you that I found Blog With Integrity though you - naturally I linked up as well.

  3. You know me, I've been out there in cyberworld for quite awhile. I have not ever experienced any cyber bullying at all. Haven't had any weirdos stalk me or anything either. Thank goodness.

  4. @Life.Love.InspireI'm not surprised that you haven't had any negative experiences. You are the most likeable person there is! Thank goodness no cyberstalking! You must not have any crazy ex's (or Kev must not have any either) LOL.

  5. I haven't experienced anything like this on my blog, but I also think some bloggers do take the differing of opinion as an attack on them and they way too quickly mark someone as a troll. Just because someone corrects what you say or does not agree with something does not mean they are a troll looking to start trouble. I get worried when I see a blogger bringing up I know the trolls are going to have a field day with this, but... And as was said here that's not really owning your words. I write what's on my mind and welcome someone who disagrees. And I don't think I've ever written a post calling out the trolls. Which I have seen done before.

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