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Blog Snob

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My wonderfully savvy friend on all things online has introduced me to a group that specializes in mommy blogs.  She is an amazing, energetic WAHM with 2 active boys, runs her own business, and should win "best all around" (remember that from high school?).  I did not hesitate to accept the invitation as I am on a quest for great reads. I have  found a handful of excellent mom blogs prior to joining this mommy group, but I thirst for more.

So far I am excited about this new adventure, but I do have a few apprehensions.  I'm getting the feeling that I may be in the wrong place??  I need to keep an open mind and explore more.  I didn't invest as much time as I would've liked to, but will try to steal away moments when I can to peruse the site a little better.  I will try not to make any premature judgements. However, I do want to share my initial observations. 

From the get go I received the much dreaded "check out my blog", "follow me" and then "I'll follow you".  I don't like that pressure.  A simple welcome and hello is nice, but I feel like I am being recruited.  I didn't just join a cult, did I?!  I don't want to feel obligated to follow a blog just because someone chooses to follow mine or because someone pleaded with me to follow theirs.  I am the kind of person who will feel bad about hurting someones feelings if I don't follow.  On the flip side, like I said:  I won't follow merely because someone asked.  I will read the blog, see if it fits my wants & needs and then follow.  I will only do so if I genuinely like a blog and will READ the blog.  I can tell that most requests are copied and pasted as I see the same EXACT word for word message on all of the other newbies profiles. I've also observed that comments being left on blog posts with those types of requests don't even relate to what was written by the blogger.  At least feign interest.  Try to read the post that you're commenting on!  Sheesh.  It's a numbers game and they even offer suggestions on how to "increase traffic" to your blog.  I don't like traffic, I'm going to avoid that traffic jam.

Let me say this:  Dear Reader you are much more than "traffic" to me.  I would never classify someone who reads by blog as a "follower".  I am more likely to use the term friend, guest, visitor...

Additionally, if I should follow you or comment on your posts - please, please, please, do not feel obligated to follow mine.  Honestly, for this writer it is much more flattering to be followed out of genuine interest, not because it's a favor returned.

I am a busy mommy and wife who works outside of the home (on occasion I do work from home as I am blessed with an amazing employer) and just don't have the time to read that many blogs.  So please don't be offended or take it personally if I don't "follow" per your requests.  It's not you, it's me.  I'm picky.  I'm picky because if  I'm lucky if I can squeeze in a solid 30 minutes to read/write blogs.  I actually DO read the blogs that I subscribe to and will comment on them.  I just don't have time to be overwhelmed with too many blogs to follow. Ya follow me?

Bottom line is that I want to teach my son not to succumb to peer pressure.  I want him to comfortably opt out if he doesn't feel right about doing what the "other kids" are doing.  I can teach him best by living out my lesson. Thank you for reading this and allowing me to express myself.  It's all practice, no preaching.

I hope this doesn't make me out to be a blog snob.  Or, maybe I am one??   Then I think to myself:  since when is being selective a BAD thing?


  1. Bravo to you! When I was doing web graphics like crazy, I got into a few groups like the one you were describing. I didn't stay with them long.

  2. Thank you for your comment Glynis. I have always believed in quality not quantity. I just shake my head sometimes - one blogger was actually trying to recruit several people to follow that were followers of her blog very rude & impersonal. Tacky if you ask me. I quickly deleted her request after checking her out and discovering that.

  3. I know what you mean about "that site". I think all blog communities want followers and more readers, but that is just when you pick and choose. Of all the communities I've joined, I have met many interesting Mom bloggers and have enjoyed reading alot of similar blogs to mine. Don't let those certain people influence you, you make the choice. have control over the DELETE button! =)

  4. @ Life.Love.Inspire Thank you for you input. I think that blogging communities are great places to network and find bloggers with similar interests. It's an awesome thing. I have found quite a few more that I like and made a few connections. You're absolutely right that finding more readers are the goal of many bloggers. It's natural for a writer to want their work to be read. Personally, I would not solicit someone to follow my page. I don't mean to sound ungracious. For me it's kind of like the person knocking on your door with something to sell whether it be a vacuum cleaner, Avon, or their religious beliefs...It's not that you want to be rude to the person - but at the same time you don't want them knocking at your door pushing it on you. There's a lot to learn from others and I'm glad that there is a forum(s) to meet other Moms. I just prefer that we meet each other and add each other by reading each others' blog first before begging for a "follow". What's funny is that I hadn't even posted my profile before I started to get the "spam"-type "hey now that your here on XYZ site, follow my blog". Obviously they handn't checked out what I had to say since I didn't list my URL yet. The shark attack approach was a bit off-putting to me. I still kind of feel like a snob for hitting that DELETE button but I'll continue to be selective.

  5. *cringe* I made this mistake when I first started blogging. I'm hoping I'm not alone in the over-enthusiastic-newbie-"follow my blog"-syndrome.

  6. @Supermodel Blogger Thank you for your input! It's nice to hear other points of view, and yours is admirably understandable. It is more when it is moments like these: "Follow Me" that bother me most.

    P.S. You really are a supermodel! + actress at that. (I Googled) Sorry for being nosy, I just thought your face looked familiar. That's awesome a supermodel/actress mom vistited my blog. Yay. Thank you.


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