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Of Course I Want. . . BUT

Of course I want my blog(s) to be read (aka have "followers") BUT (a very BIG BUT):

I do not care about how many followers a blog has because if your blog posts go unread it can be frustrating.  Who wants to write in vain? Personally, I would rather have 1 reader who comments on a post vs. 100 followers.  IMHO the joy of blogging is in the fact that someone READS what you have to write and is drawn in enough to leave a comment.  That interaction is what drives me to blog.

I hope that I don't come off as a mommy blog hater because I'm not.  With all sincerity I am NOT a Blog Snob.  I blog for the sake of blogging and not to "collect" a bazillion followers.  I will NEVER ask someone to "follow me".  Isn't it truly more flattering when someone genuinely likes your blog and adds you to their reading list "just because"?  Is it not the greatest compliment & feeling of connection when someone leaves a comment for you after actually READING your post?


  1. I went 2 years with 6 official followers and for Lent this year I gave up FB, so I decided to put some positive energy & time into my blog. I started doing blog hops and it has been super fun meeting new people :-)

    I agree, it is much better to have less good followers then 100 that don't care!

  2. @Jennilee I gave up internet use at home for Lent. It's only moments online is on breaks while at the office. Good for you on building up your blog. I haven't tried blog hops yet - but what a great idea. Maybe when time permits I'll check it out too! Thanks for stopping by. :)Cynthia

  3. I agree! I do appreciate having followers and while I would like to have quite a few, I want to be read, not just be a "collector" of followers. Because, you're right, if no one is really reading or commenting, what's the point of having them?

  4. @mombo880 We are on the same page for sure! I'm glad that you stopped by and took the time to comment. BTW I loved your post on It's-happy-and-sad



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