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Being Mom Is A Lifestyle. Get Comfy With It.

I recently shopped at Kohl's and fell for Cuddl Duds separates. There are so many styles and color choices to choose from. I wasn't the only Kohl's customer to discover this as they were sold out of my size in styles that I wanted. I did score a few great items and I will be back to Kohl's for more!

I needed to jazz up my "ready-to-go" wear arsenal with some colors, patterns, and prints. Cuddl Duds delivers. I found the Women's Red Multi Stripe Crew Neck Top in Cuddl Duds Softwear with Stretch and it is PERFECT for our on-the-go/impromptu jaunts around San Diego!

On a recent Sunday afternoon we were invited to celebrate our nephew's birthday. After the lunchtime celebration we stuck around to explore the area. Of course, snapped a few photos. As you can see, I have a young son. He's a pretty active kid and I always find the need to keep up! Being comfortable and able to play is a must! It is nice not to have to fuss over what to wear! I threw on my brand new Cuddl Duds long sleeved crew neck top and a pair of shorts and I was set. Lately, I've had so much going on in my head with a to do list that is begging for attention that it is so nice to eliminate the what to wear dilemma. 

In San Diego it does cool down every so often so this is a great layering piece! I'll put my new top to good use throughout fall and well into winter. Admittedly, our winter is a mild one which makes layering a MUST.

It was another great weekend in the books for my family and I.  I have a few more Cuddl Duds items not pictured in this post that I will be posting to share my love of Cuddl Duds, so please stay tuned for more! There was a sale for 25% OFF when I was there and I used my phone for a Kohl's coupon offering an additional 20% OFF, SCORE! I love good deals and great clothes.  I will heading back to Kohl's for a few more Cuddl Duds pieces! They would also be GREAT as a holiday gift! Check out your local Kohl's and find Cuddl Duds in the intimates section. Hurry for best selection!

At Kohl's you will find Cuddl Duds socks, hats, gloves, and scarves in addition to apparel items!