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Fashion Week San Diego 2012

Fashion Week San Diego 2012 has come and gone. There is still quite a bit of  buzz surrounding the event.  The runway show, trunk show, and winner announcement was a great way to conclude FWSD.  I am thankful to have been invited to participate as a VIP Press invitee.  I am excited for next year!

A MUST see: Please check out the runway show photos by Gerald Labrador Videography:
Fashion Week San Diego 2012 Runway Show

The audience at the Hard Rock enjoying the runway show!
This year's winner is Kenneth Barlis! Runner ups are Jessica Faulkner and Dos Caras Swimwear. Kenneth's portion of the runway show was one of my favorites! But I have to admit the the ENTIRE production was a wonderful experience!

Kenneth Barlis
Performance by DJ Violinist Spags was phenomenal!

I think a big round of applause is in order for all of the "behind the scenes" folks!  The designers and their talents are the face of FWDS and we all applaud them, but everyone involved should be counted as the heart and soul of FWSD!  So, I give thanks to the hair & makeup artists, the models, the set up crew, the event volunteers (especially the sweetheart that seated me in the VIP section, & the gal who tried to help me locate my swag bag that was never to be found...), the dressers, the bloggers covering the event, the photographers, sponsors, and to you my friends who read my blog!

What I Wore: Kate Spade top, Michael Kors pencil skirt, Ann Taylor Cuff, Kooba Satchel, Guess Stilleto.

FWSD 2012

FWSD 2012 OOTD by lifebycynthia featuring kate spade

Fashion Week San Diego 2012 Runway Show at the Hard Rock
Allison Andrews is the Founder and Director of Fashion Week San Diego


  1. I love the outfit you wore. Very simple, but it really draws the eye in. I really love the skirt!

  2. @Theresa Thanks! It was fun wearing it!

  3. Your outfit was absolutely adorable! Those models have NOTHING on you!

  4. What a wonderful experience!
    I wonder if Kenneth Barlis is half-Filipino? Seems like it. :)

  5. @Shannon Milholland, you are too kind! Thank you.

    @Czjai Reyes-Ocampo You're right he is Filipino. He even played a tagalog song: "Kung Maputi Na Ang Buhok Ko" during a portion of his runway show. He had some P.I. inspired designs as well. It was nice that he incorporated culture into his program.

  6. Totally jealous you went to fashion week! That is awesome. I love your outfit!

  7. Totally jealous you went to fashion week! That is awesome. I love your outfit!

  8. you are always at these wonderful events! Your outfit is beautiful!

  9. Great pic on the outfit. The day looks fun, the violin performance looks neat too.


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