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Ruelala, Shoelala: Happy Feet

I'm inviting you all to join Rue La La, one of my favorite invitation only shopping sites. Join me via my invitation link.

I wanted to share my Rue La La excitement because I was THRILLED when I saw my recent submission for the their #shoelala sweepstakes used on their cover photo on Facebook.  It was also pinned on their Pinterest board.  It's like having a crush on someone and then finding out that they like you back!
Photo: Facebook

I entered the contest via Twitter. The photo I sent is pictured on the right. My camera on my phone isn't the best but I wanted to enter as soon as I saw the tweet!

To be entered for a chance to win the grand prize of $500 in Rue Credit all you have to do is show Rue LaLa your shoes.  Also up for grabs are $50 runner up prizes! For details on how to enter visit Rue LaLa's blog.

The contest is open until August 1 so hurry and get your entry in! 

KORS Newton Peep Toe Wedges

I love that I can shop for designer brands at crazy good prices. Since becoming a Mom, I really don't shop for myself like I used to.  When I do treat myself, I try to get the most for my money.  I can do that with Rue La La

If you are already a Rue La La fan, I would LOVE to know what you've scored.  One of my favorite purchases from Rue is my Michael Kors Newbury Satchel.

Happy shopping! Please wish me luck in the Rue La La Shoelala contest!  And good luck to you too!


  1. You're right! Great stuff for the kiddos!

  2. Great shoes, but I have really bad feet and have had a lot of trouble ordering online. I have to try the shoes on first! Good luck with your blog!!1 Lisa

  3. Love your shoes! They are too cute!

  4. Those are LUV - VA - LEE! My favorite ones are those peep toe wedges!


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