Life by Cynthia: Fashion Valley Ann Taylor Concept Store Launch Party

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fashion Valley Ann Taylor Concept Store Launch Party

We had the pleasure of partying with Ann Taylor & San Diego Magazine last night at the Launch Party for Ann Talyor's Concept Store in Fashion Valley. I can hardly wait to tell you and to SHOW you (pictures coming SOON).  I couldn't contain my excitement as we really did have an amazing time! Stay tuned for more!

If you haven't visited the new store yet - please do!  I for one am so happy that I have a store just for ME! As a fairly new mom - I tend to drift to the children's section at the department store. This does not leave much time for me. Shopping for myself has definitely taken a back seat. Coming out to the event reminded me of how much fun it is is to play dress up!  I am motivated to improve my wardrobe! I fell in love with Ann Taylor's Pre-Fall collection!  There were so many fashionable ladies in attendance!  San Diego Magazine sure does know how to put together a party!

I must know - when was the LAST time that you shopped for yourself?! I mean REALLY shopped. Accessories and ALL?


  1. One day I will be able to shop at Ann Taylor! I dont shop for myself really anymore, my kiddies always come first. Once in a blue moon I will pick up something, but its nothing expensive. Great post!

  2. Hi Pamela, thank you for stopping by. I completely understand where you are coming from! I am FINALLY getting back into buying little things for myself. After gaining & losing 50+ lbs since having 1st baby 2 years ago I am ready. Look out for their sales, that's the way to go :)

  3. lol um.......

    i don't know if I ever have. lol

  4. Hi Aliy! LOL, come to think of it: I've never really did an "all out" shop! I usually buy in pieces but never all at once. :) YET.

  5. WOW shop for myself--what a concept!!! well it was back in the 90'S LOL
    but I was always one to find a unique vintage piece and pair it with something new--so I rarely would buy a whole outfit all at once.

  6. Cynthia... how awesome! Take me next time ;) Love Anne Taylor... happen to be wearing one of her dreses right now. (on my way out) :)

  7. Lucky you! Where can I get an invite ;)
    I just bought a cute dress for mslef in Maine on vacation but I'm like you - tend to shop for th kids mostly!

  8. I DON'T shop for myself, just myself anymore, but there was a day when A.T. was one of my top five fave designers!

    Glad you had fun.

  9. I am usually the last person I shop for, but my mom changes all that when she visits. She forces (like I protest? LOL) me to have a day to shop with her when she's here that I wouldn't normally take on my own.

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