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Monday, January 24, 2011

The Skinny

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4 months away to the big 40.  Goal: lose 40 lbs.  10 lbs a month.  That's doable, right? I would be happy with 30 but I am aiming high.  I've never dieted before so we'll see how it goes.  It's going to be tough since I have to keep my calorie intake up as I am still breastfeeding.  I guess I should check with my doctor to see if this is something I should even attempt!

Here's the skinny:

I'm sure that you are all familiar with the term "freshman 15".  I have coined a new term: the "first year 15".  The first year of marriage that is!  Yes, I put on 15 lbs during my first year of marriage.  The happiest 15 pounds for sure! I was pregnant during our 2nd year of marriage. Add 50 lbs.  I did pretty good for the first 5 months in terms of "target" weight gain.  I was able to wear my regular jeans up to that point.  By month 7 I had gained 35.  After that I really excelled!   Post baby I have lost 32 lbs.  Those pounds fell off without even trying. It's now time to try.  I am four months away from my fortieth birthday and what I plan to do is lose 10 pounds a month.  I have decided to blog it out to make myself more accountable.  No one wants to shame themselves by public failure right?! Don't worry about me though I am success bound!  Anyone care to join along?  A friend of mine is doing a Biggest Loser challenge at her workplace.  I work with skinnies already so I can't find any competition here.  I would challenge hubby, but I can see myself becoming overly competitive with him and would rather maintain our harmonious home!  Wish me luck!  Encouragement is openly accepted.  Success stories out there? Please share!

In case there are any mean girls out there reading & thinking "fat ass"... My comeback: Not one battle wound on this girl.  I had my happy, healthy 8lb 3 oz baby au naturale.  My nurses were awesome & high-fived me all the way!  Stretch marks: ZERO and my hubby still thinks I'm hot.  So all the lbs were worth it! OK, time now to shake off the negativity so haters can kiss my big butt.

Here's a thought - if I bring sexy back... that may lead to another pregnancy! LOL. Then I would have to start all over huh?

Friday, January 21, 2011

I believe in Bigfoot.

After having our baby I commented to my husband that he got taller.  Nope. I shrank. No more cute heels for this lady.  It's 'flats'-city as far as shoes for this new mom.  Hello sensible shoes!

I haven't chronicled my pregnancy from start to finish.  I was too busy 'in the moment' during that time.  Maybe I can tell my story in bits & pieces until it all comes together.  I didn't do a photo log of my progress either, maybe I should have?!  Oh well.

Anyway, back to the blog title: I believe in Bigfoot!  No, not the big hairy man-thing that people claim to have sightings of.  Big FOOT as in what happened to me as a result of pregnancy.

Prior to baby I was a size 6. Occasionally a size 6.5 in athletic shoes. Though I have been warned by those close to me that my foot size may change, I didn't really take stock in it.  Big mistake.  I actually bought a couple of pairs of shoes prior to becoming pregnant that are still un-worn.  I was just waiting for the right outfit, the right occasion, and just for the mood to strike.  So I am talking about quite a few pairs of brand new kicks in the closet! I did have swelling in my feet during the end of my pregnancy.  I thought though that for sure it would go away after baby arrived. I was wrong!  My foot actually grew a half to a full size bigger! I had to purchase a couple of pairs of shoes in size 6.5 and size 7.  Maybe my feet will return to it's original size?! Input please from those with experience.  Thank you. I am finding that I am able to wear more & more size 6.5's and the size 7's are starting to seem too large.  I don't think there is much hope for my brand new neglected size 6's though!  Good thing the Imelda Marcos infection didn't set in with me and I didn't go shoe crazy.  I have to find homes for my size 6's in case I can no longer return to my petite feet!  Once upon a time I would've ebay'ed them.  I just don't have the time or energy for that. Oh well. Let me think small feet thoughts and maybe magic will happen so my shoes will fit again.  That would be nice if I can believe in Cinderella and the shoe fitting instead of believing in Bigfoot!

I was going to wear these babies during spring or summer with a nice little dress (Oh don't get me started on what clothes don't fit!), jeans, or just as an everyday comfy flat.


Oh Well....I won't give up hope quite yet.  But maybe I need to brush up on my ebay skills just in case.  I feel another hobby coming on...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am mommy to a sweet 6 month old baby boy.  He has been going through many "Firsts" as of late. His 1st cry when Mommy leaves the room, 1st teeth (not "tooth" - 2 at once for my baby achiever), 1st foods (rice cereal, peas, pears), 1st man farts (by this I mean the aroma is that of what a full grown man would produce - Imagine Guy Fieri, Adam Richman, Andrew Zimmern...picture the foods they eat: type & quantity)... You get the picture.

1st word you may wonder?  Da-Da-DA-da.  He even said what sounded like 'da-dee', my husband insists he said 'Daddy'.  I refuse to admit that. I will confirm though that he is repeating 'Da-Da-DA-da' over and over with much intention.  A bittersweet moment for this Ma-ma-mA-ma.  Prior to this recent chattiness I had been whispering to him that his first word should be Ma-Ma.  I guess he didn't listen to my coaching...takes after his 'da-dee'.  Boys. Gotta love 'em.

Well, Momma got the kid his 1st set of wheels!  My boy's cool new ride: Schwinn Roadster. I got it at a super-steal on I saved $54 vs the Toy's R Us price + got free 2 day shippping.
The saga continues.

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