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I am mommy to a sweet 6 month old baby boy.  He has been going through many "Firsts" as of late. His 1st cry when Mommy leaves the room, 1st teeth (not "tooth" - 2 at once for my baby achiever), 1st foods (rice cereal, peas, pears), 1st man farts (by this I mean the aroma is that of what a full grown man would produce - Imagine Guy Fieri, Adam Richman, Andrew Zimmern...picture the foods they eat: type & quantity)... You get the picture.

1st word you may wonder?  Da-Da-DA-da.  He even said what sounded like 'da-dee', my husband insists he said 'Daddy'.  I refuse to admit that. I will confirm though that he is repeating 'Da-Da-DA-da' over and over with much intention.  A bittersweet moment for this Ma-ma-mA-ma.  Prior to this recent chattiness I had been whispering to him that his first word should be Ma-Ma.  I guess he didn't listen to my coaching...takes after his 'da-dee'.  Boys. Gotta love 'em.

Well, Momma got the kid his 1st set of wheels!  My boy's cool new ride: Schwinn Roadster. I got it at a super-steal on I saved $54 vs the Toy's R Us price + got free 2 day shippping.
The saga continues.