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The Skinny

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4 months away to the big 40.  Goal: lose 40 lbs.  10 lbs a month.  That's doable, right? I would be happy with 30 but I am aiming high.  I've never dieted before so we'll see how it goes.  It's going to be tough since I have to keep my calorie intake up as I am still breastfeeding.  I guess I should check with my doctor to see if this is something I should even attempt!

Here's the skinny:

I'm sure that you are all familiar with the term "freshman 15".  I have coined a new term: the "first year 15".  The first year of marriage that is!  Yes, I put on 15 lbs during my first year of marriage.  The happiest 15 pounds for sure! I was pregnant during our 2nd year of marriage. Add 50 lbs.  I did pretty good for the first 5 months in terms of "target" weight gain.  I was able to wear my regular jeans up to that point.  By month 7 I had gained 35.  After that I really excelled!   Post baby I have lost 32 lbs.  Those pounds fell off without even trying. It's now time to try.  I am four months away from my fortieth birthday and what I plan to do is lose 10 pounds a month.  I have decided to blog it out to make myself more accountable.  No one wants to shame themselves by public failure right?! Don't worry about me though I am success bound!  Anyone care to join along?  A friend of mine is doing a Biggest Loser challenge at her workplace.  I work with skinnies already so I can't find any competition here.  I would challenge hubby, but I can see myself becoming overly competitive with him and would rather maintain our harmonious home!  Wish me luck!  Encouragement is openly accepted.  Success stories out there? Please share!

In case there are any mean girls out there reading & thinking "fat ass"... My comeback: Not one battle wound on this girl.  I had my happy, healthy 8lb 3 oz baby au naturale.  My nurses were awesome & high-fived me all the way!  Stretch marks: ZERO and my hubby still thinks I'm hot.  So all the lbs were worth it! OK, time now to shake off the negativity so haters can kiss my big butt.

Here's a thought - if I bring sexy back... that may lead to another pregnancy! LOL. Then I would have to start all over huh?