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I will be a 3rd-time attendee and am very excited to "get up to speed on the latest and greatest in fitness, nutrition, apparel, education and services" as described on the IDEA website! 

I was at the 2016 for IDEA World Fitness/BlogFest in Los Angeles and then again in 2018 in San Diego. 

I will not be attending sessions or programming. I didn't hear any buzz about BlogFest this year - which was geared for social sharers like myself. This year I be visiting the Expo, which that in itself is AMAZING! The energy flowing at Idea World is life-giving! Honestly, there are so MANY people, products, brands, ideas, and stories all geared for improved quality of life. All things that align with me and my life goals. You will be inspired.

Once upon a time I was young, healthy, fit, and full of energy. Destroyed by trauma from a car accident, chronic stress, hormones (peri-menopause), etc. - - - I find myself here in my 50's lacking in the vitality that I once had.  I am on my journey to reclaim what I allowed father time and mother nature to strip away from  me.

I now have a personal trainer, a strong will to recover, and hope for healthy aging. My mantra: I am living the REST of my life as the BEST of my life!

To share my experiences at the event I will be posting on my Instagram @lifebycynthia and sharing more here in the blog. Please stay tuned and let's connect!