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VoloKids San Diego Youth Beach Volleyball

VoloKids Beach Volleyball 2023
VoloKidsSD Beach Volleyball Program Summer 2023

My son is a participant in the VoloKids San Diego Youth Beach Volleyball Summer 2023 Program. We wanted to share a recap of our experience.

FREE youth volleyball programs are hard to come by. In fact, this was the first that I have found.  Please let me know in the comments if you know of any others in San Diego and surrounding areas.

I have found that there are open gyms in San Diego where you can play for free. You would need to know fundamental volleyball skills.  It can be tough to even get on the court since they can often be crowded and a bit cliquey (depending on where you go that is).

The open gyms  do not offer instruction for kids to learn the game. With the VoloKids program, the kids get an introduction as as well as hands on instruction with dedicated coaches.

The beach volleyball program is co-ed and open to kids that are 5 to 13 years old. It's a great way to introduce the little ones to the sport. The coaching staff is unbelievably patient and I applaud them for sharing their time and talent.  The coaches volunteer their time to benefit youth in San Diego. My son just turned 13 and was the oldest in the group for this session. He, along with some of the 10 year olds, were invited to help demonstrate skills to the younger participants. This was his first try at beach volleyball and he had a positive experience. We will be back. Even though he is older, we appreciate that he is getting instruction and practice. It’s a great thing to get coaching and feedback while getting accustomed to playing on sand vs. indoor play. Bonus: being outdoors! 

This program meets weekly. The session is broken down as follows:  First 30 Minutes - Coaches will practice a clinical skill with players. Second 30 Minutes - Players will put new skills to work in a refereed game. Last 30 minutes - Players will be given a snack and asked to check out.

Below are a few photos of what the kids were taught. If you want to see a video of the last session - I have posted a video on my Instagram @lifebycynthia 

Getting Started: The kids are grouped by age.

After warm ups the children are split into groups based on age. The coaches demonstrate and explain each skill: passing, setting, and hitting.

Coach demonstrating proper form for their platform

Getting down & ready

Passing Drills

Learning proper setting technique

The 5 -Year Olds : The future of volleyball!

Disclosure: I an not affiliated with Volo. I am just sharing our experience and spreading the love for the sport!