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San Diego Parks & Recreation City-Wide Youth Volleyball Tournament

The 2023 San Diego Parks & Recreation City-Wide Youth Volleyball Tournament took place on June 21 at the Balboa Park Activity Center. The event was sponsored by the San Diego Parks Foundation. The co-ed championship games included 24 teams across 3 divisions: 12U, 14U, and 16U. Each division competes in an 8 team, single elimination bracket.

Pictured below is the 14U Tournament Champions: The Hourglass Phantoms led by Coach Christeen. The Phantoms advanced to the championship game by defeating the North Park Aztecs 2-0 in game 1 and the Paradise Hills Panthers 2-0 in game 2. The final matchup was against their sister team, the Hourglass Nightmare. The Phantoms were victorious with a 2-1 win to claim the championship. 

2023 san diego city wide volleyball
Hourglass Phantoms 2023 San Diego City-Wide Youth Tournament Champions 14U DIV

Pre-Tournament check-in: The Phantoms are ready!  Many thanks to volunteer coach Christeen for sharing her love of volleyball, her time, and her talent with the Phantoms! #zerotohero!

2023 san diego parks and recreation city wide volleyball championship tournament
Coach Christeen and the Phantoms Checking In

Message to San Diego high school volleyball coaches: these kids are ones to watch! I see BIG things happening beyond rec-league volleyball for each of them! This was the FIRST tournament for some of these players (my son included). Taking home the top spot is an achievement that memories are made of!  We will see that banner proudly hanging in our gym and look back on this day with pride! I pray that the four incoming high school freshmen try out for their respective high school volleyball teams! I'll be in the stands cheering them on.

Final note: I attended every practice and every game. I can attest to how much these kids have grown in skill and confidence.