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Movie Inner Circle with Fandango, Flixter, and Rotten Tomatoes

I was just invited to join Movie Inner Circle which is an exclusive online community of movie lovers. Thank you for the invite Fandango, Flixter, and Rotten Tomatoes! As a member, I will share my opinions through surveys, polls and chat forums. I'll also get chances to win prizes in a monthly sweepstakes just by participating. Sounds good to me. I'm IN!

The call is out for more movies lovers. I've been asked if I would like to recommend up to 5 friends who, like me, loves movies. Let me know if you want me to forward your email to receive an invitation. You need to love movies, register (and be approved), and have an opinion (and be willing to share it). Once my referrals successfully complete the Movie Inner Circle registration process, I'll get an extra entry for the monthly sweepstakes. Let me know if you're in!