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Rainy Days In San Diego

Rainy days in San Diego do exist! I am excited for the new year and can hardly believe that we are already well into the first month of 2017. So far, January has had more rainy days than usual. I don't mind a bit. The grass is getting greener! Another bonus: San Diegans have been skipping their trips to our nearby lake! I have to admit that I am not a fan of crowds or searching for parking spots.

I braved the rain and headed out to the lake for some fresh air and exercise. I found the area deserted. There were a handful of die hard fitness and outdoor enthusiasts out, but not many. It was a quiet morning and I relished the solitude.

Sometimes it can be tough to tune out all of the noise and find a quiet place to reflect. I am glad that the lake was deserted. The only sounds: nature! I ran into a few feathered companions who greeted me as I took a hike around the lake. It was cold (by San Diego standards) and wet, but I didn't end up drenched. I am thankful that the sun took a break to make way for the clouds!

Miramar Lake, San Diego CA
Deserted trails, waterfowl, and breaking in my new hiking shoes.

Hopefully once the weather clears I will still head out and enjoy San Diego more than I have in the past. I am an admitted home body and haven't cared to venture out much. I love being at home as much as I can. Sounds boring. I guess that I'm on the boring side! I'll brave the crowds more often this year. I'll be more patient with traffic and parking issues. I'll play tourist along with the many other tourists visiting San Diego. Adventures await.