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Creating New Family Traditions: Baking With My Boy

Thank goodness for Thanksgiving break. My little guy got sick right before his break and missed a couple of days of school. We have a little bit of school work to make up but I am so glad that he is feeling much better now and that he is very excited for the holidays. I myself have been a bit run down, but I too am looking forward to some quality family time. Tonight was a GREAT night. With the help of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, my little boy baked cookies for me instead of the other way around!

Our plan was to bake a batch (or two) of cookies then set up our Christmas Tree. Our son has been asking relentlessly to set up and decorate our tree! He fell asleep before the cookies cooled... so we will save the decorations for tomorrow!

This tuckered out child baked his first batch of cookies.

Before I share our baking experience, I must ask: What are your all time favorite cookies? Or are you like me and have an appreciation for any and all cookies? As long as it is fresh from the oven, I'm in! To be honest, we don't often bake sweets so this was an extra special treat for my little guy! It was fun and super easy.

"Oatmeal for Mommy, Chocolate Chip for the Kid, Peanut Butter for Daddy, and Sugar Cookie for Santa" ~ The Kiddo

The most recent school project that my son worked on was about sharing Thanksgiving traditions. He knows that my sister, my mom, and I all help each other to prepare our Thanksgiving meal. He wanted to help out by more than just setting the table this year. He and I have cooked together many times so his request didn't surprise me. We do our Turkey Day in a bit of a pot luck style. Each of us is takes on a dish (along with sides). My little guy is on board for cookies. I absolutely LOVE that he wants to be involved.

With the help of Betty Crocker (and some from mom), this kid is set. He read the directions out loud and then took off running. I am impressed that this kid can crack an egg into a mixing bowl without getting any eggshell in there!

What started off as his desire to help turned into a total take over of the process. I did not mind at all. I supervised (a little) while he ran the show! I like watching cooking shows, especially when the show is put on by my kid! He did a great job. I didn't bake my first batch of cookies until I was about 10 years old. This guy is 6.

I would say that from start to finish it was a total success. We made a run to our local Walmart store to scope out the flavors. There were so many choices! We picked out our favorites. I am now wishing that I tried some of the other flavors. Gingerbread and Pumpkin Spice! Doesn't that sound good? I talked myself out of it because if my child didn't go for the flavors, then I would have been forced to eat the entire batch all by myself. Maybe that could be a good thing! I'll go back for some!

Update: We got the decorations on the tree the following day. All is well and we are ready! From our family to yours, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday season with your loved ones! Make those memories and create your traditions!

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Your turn! I would love to know how you celebrate your family traditions. Share!


  1. How fun! I've added chocolate chips to that pumpkin cookie mix, yum! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


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