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Mission Kindergarten Is Complete. School's Out For Summer

We are raising an only child. In the Fall we sent off our little boy to Kindergarten. Below is a picure that my husband snapped at sunset on the night before school was to start. When our boy woke up the following morning, he was officially a Kindergarten kid! It is amazing how quickly the school year went by. He has learned so much and is growing up so fast.

Last sunset before Kindergarten taken by Hubby.

Today was his last day. School is out for the summer! We hope to make some great summer memories! We wrestled a bit about whether or not to schedule him into the one of the MANY summer programs. Ultimately, we decided to just let our little guy have a break.

His Kindergarten teacher helped the entire class come up with a Summer Bucket List. I loved my child's responses. He didn't list anything over the top. Simple, fun, practical things that we could do as a family. I love that he included health & fitness into the mix! I also love his passion for learning and desire to read! I giggled when I read that he wanted a hotel stay! That caught me off guard but I am up for that! He has a desire for travel and that is an amazing thing at every age! Wanderlust at age 5! I could get behind ALL of my child's summer wishes. Now let's make them a reality! HELLO Summer 2016!

On the Summer 2016 Bucket List:
1. Go swimming
2. Go hiking
3. Go biking
4. Read books
5. Sleep in a hotel


  1. The teachers and staff here is very nurturing. My child returns from Phoenix preschool singing melodies, and is very controlled at home. He also cleans up his toys without complain.


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