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WundaBar Pilates San Diego

Thanks to WundaBar Pilates San Diego I got to try a free WundaBar Pilates Class.

I first learned about WundaBar Pilates from reading posts written by a fellow blogger. Melissa of theValentineRD was sharing her experience about a 60 day fitness challenge that she was participating in.  I am a fan of fitness challenges and have participated in a both a 30 day yoga and a 60 day barre challenge in the past.  I had the pleasure of first meeting Melissa online and then in person at a few fitness events. She is an inspiration and a genuinely nice person! When Melissa began sharing her journey I followed along very closely. I knew that she had some issues with a back injury and that this type of exercise had benefits for her. I have some issues with my back and hip due to scoliosis and the core strengthening aspect sounded ideal.  I love that it is an instructor led exercise. I really want and need a pro there to make sure that proper form is being used. I felt safe that I would not be doing more harm than good.  To me, it's smart exercise.  After 40+ years in this body, I've learned to be careful not to injure myself. Knowing that someone is trained and certified in what they teaching is very reassuring. When someone "has your back" like that, it makes for a better workout!

During the time that Melissa was going through her challenge, there wasn't a WundaBar Pilates studio in San Diego. As soon as one DID open up in my area she graciously shared the information. I was doing back flips! WundaBar is now in San Diego!  They held a private introductory class for bloggers. I signed up right away! I was anxious about trying it since I've never taken any type of pilates class, but very excited nonetheless. I was also VERY happy that I got to see BOTH Melissa of theValentineRD AND Melissa of Melissa Running It. They are my fitness heroes! Inspirational for sure because you CAN be fit in your forties! They are living proof of that!

We were welcomed to our private blogger session by Bri Allard Blonigan and Bill Blonigan, studio owners of WundaBar Pilates San Diego. The studio is located at 4653 Carmel Mountain Rd., Suite 309A, San Diego, CA 92130. I am no expert since I currently only have one class under my belt so if you have questions about WundaBar Pilates please call the studio at 858.255.1481 or shoot an email to I had such a positive experience (even though I was the awkward one making the WundaFormer "clank" in a way that it should NOT) and hope to return very soon! Stop in and tell them Cynthia of lifebycynthia sent you! They are awesome and will take great care of you! For more information and updates on promotions, please follow @WundaBarPilates on twitter and WundaBar Pilates San Diego on facebook.

I love this picture that I snapped of Bri and Bill in their San Diego studio. WundaCouple!
Slow and steady wins the race for me.  I know when to push myself and how far to push better than anyone. I DO appreciate the encouragement to at least TRY to test the limits! Because a trained eye can better see when you might be ready for more even when you think that you are not! I loved it when our instructor (and studio owner) Bri called out to "listen to" our bodies - I knew that advice was for me. My fellow bloggers - are both in great shape! I'm sure that my obvious awkwardness and struggle was not hard to miss!  There was a lot of intensity in seemingly small movements, I even had the shakes with some moves! I was working hard with muscle groups not normally used in my day to day life. I was intimidated with the equipment at first, but Bri was great at explaining everything and modifying the equipment to suit my fitness level. I swear that I was having a vertigo moment at one point! Oh well, I love a good challenge! Trying something new was very satisfying. I have a lot to learn, but practice makes perfect! For me, the class was HARD. I was SORE for days afterward. It really is one heck of a workout! I'll definitely be back! Because: have you SEEN someone who has been practicing WundaBar Pilates consistently?! Amazingly strong, svelte bodies, and gorgeous posture! I want that!

I know this may sound odd - but I kinda like NOT being so great at things on the first try. Sometimes when you suck at something then work your butt off to get great at it, it gives you an even bigger sense of accomplishment! Who wants to head to the studio with me so that we can strive for greatness together?! NOTE: Your first class as a WundaRookie is FREE!

Disclosure: I attended a complimentary class. All opinions are my own and a blog post was not a requirement. I loved the class and wanted to share my experience!