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International Quality of Life BlogIt Day #QoL

This post is part of International Quality of Life BlogIt Day, sponsored by Sodexo. Today's discussion: How do YOU define Quality of Life at work?

Sodexo is a leader in Quality of Life Services. Sodexo has partnered with bloggers like myself that work away from home to encourage conversations about Quality of Life in the workplace. Today, January 30, 2015 IS International Quality of Life BlogIt Day.

It is the start of a new year and many of us have set goals for 2015. When we have discussions about quality of life it is not hard to find that the conversations lead to talk about our careers.  Some folks like me have dual careers.  Working full time during the day in one occupation and then living as a blogger once that day ends (time permitting).  Our livelihood sustains us and in some ways defines us.  Mostly, work is a necessity - at least for me. If your work happens be in line with what you are passionate about, you are blessed. I don't know many that have attained this quality of life in work - but it is a beautiful concept. You may find yourself talking about how work contributes directly your quality of life – both in the workplace and outside of it and Sodexo is all about this. Please visit Sodexo’s Quality of Life Observer website to learn more.

When I work I always keep my family in mind. We do our best so that we can have a good life: a QUALITY life.

My husband and I are in our 40's and first time parents. We both work full time outside of the home. We are blessed to be parents to our 4 year old son who is preschool. Finding balance with family and work life can be stressful. A positive quality of life at home is more easily achieved if the quality of life at work is also a positive experience. My husband and I have both been with our employers for over 8 years. We feel blessed with what we have and don't dwell on what we may not have. We are thankful for the quality of life that we have achieved.

My son visiting me at work: Then and Now.
I returned to work after 3 months of maternity leave. It wasn't an easy transition but we made the very best of it. My biggest challenge work-wise is finding time after my "day job" as an accounts payable analyst to blog.  Since our only child is our biggest blessing, we make sure to make family life a priority.  He needs us more than my blog does, so often times it takes a backseat.  I am slowing improving on finding more time to dedicate to my blog.

There are 6 aspects of Quality of Life that Sodexo focuses on uniquely:

  • Social Interaction – factors that strengthen the bonds of relationships. Examples are access to cultural events, concerts, exhibits, etc. for employees.
  • Ease & Efficiency – implementing programs and services to help employees carry out activities with more ease. Onsite child care facilities and programs that help employees reduce stress.
  • Physical Environment – everything that contributes to an individual’s comfort and sense of safety, from building maintenance to comfortable and safe work spaces.
  • Personal Growth – promoting individual progress and growth. Professional development programs in technology, foreign languages, etc. can help individuals advance their education.
  • Recognition – allowing an individual to feel truly valued. Helping to research and create recognition programs that truly reward employees for good work. 
  • Health & Well-Being – promoting a healthy lifestyle through nutritious meals, a well-balanced diet and exercise. This can include restaurant vouchers and healthy food options, as well on-site exercise facilities or gym memberships.

Realistically, I don't know of anyone that works with all of the 6 Sodexo aspects listed above. Even though I don't personally  know of anyone that "has it all", I do LOVE that Sodexo is trying to strive for this! Why shouldn't everyone in the workforce have it all?! Most of my friends, colleagues, and family (myself included) have a hybrid of what is featured by Sodexo #QoL. We all learn to adapt and create the quality that we can.

One of my personal favorites at work (for my day job in accounting) is the opportunity for Social Interaction.  Our employer does make great efforts in fostering workplace camaraderie. In 2014 we had fun with cooking in the office. We created a family style meal with individuals from different departments - it was a great way to spend time with those that you normally would not. Great for team building! We are fortunate and have a full service kitchen onsite!

Having fun at my "day job"

As far as my work life as a blogger, I truly value the many opportunities that it affords me. Personal growth, Recognition, and Social Interaction brings such a wonderful sense of fulfillment.  I love that blogging can be something that I can do and include my family. I enjoy attending conferences to better myself and my skills, I love meeting like minded ladies, volunteering, and being an ambassador. The fact that I can share events, experiences, and creative endeavors with my friends and family is a huge bonus. I love the supportive communities that I am a part of.  Between my two jobs - I cannot complain! The quality of life that I am enjoying is worth every moment that I find myself tired and over extended! It's all worth it! It must ALWAYS be worth it! I'm a believer in counting your blessings and using positive thinking (especially on the worst of days)! I have learned that there are so many ways to improve quality of life at work. Mindset, supportive people in your life, spirituality (what ever your beliefs may be), and stress relief through exercise - (to name a few) are ways that can help people to live more balanced, productive lives. If you need help, you could seek professionals like Sodexo or enlist the help of a life coach.

Blogger experiences through the years.

I'd love to know how you feel about your quality of life at work! What matters most to you? How do you deal with the reality that some work days are just gonna suck?  It is not always ideal and every day isn't always the BEST day - but it really is what we make of it. There will be good days and bad days. How do you cope?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sodexo. All opinions are my own.


  1. Sounds very interesting- thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you mystickitchen. I find it interesting as well and applaud companies that enlist help from Sodexo to enrich the workplace environment for their employees. Good morale goes a long way!

  2. Quality of life is very important to all of us but, it is not always feasible to achieve in the work place. With collaborative employers and great effort, it can be achieved.

  3. Same here, my son is my top priority. I stopped working the day before I gave birth to him, and became a full-time, hands-on mom ever since. Sure, I miss the corporate world every now and then, but no regrets. Being able to be with my son every waking day of my life, being there to witness every single milestone in his life, being able to be there during school events... priceless. :)

  4. My husband's job is very high stress and the hours he works insane. For this reason I left work to stay at home full time with our two daughters. I began blogging when they got a little older and more independent. I love it because I do things on my own terms. It has been a wonderful experience. (When it comes to quality of life at work, I definitely got the better end of the deal between the two of us!)

  5. My full time job is blogging. I love how it lets be home with the kids and work around the schedule


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