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Bye Bye Boring Fries, Spiral Fries are More FUN

Kitchen gadgets are great. I love them. Confession: I don't use them as much as I'd like. I have my ice cream maker just BEGGING to be used. SUMMER is here after all! The same goes for our Popsicle mold! Oh my neglected crock pot, juicer, blender, food processor... I'm so sorry to leave you so lonely for so long. I DO use my Mandolin Slicer! It's fun and the newest of my toys!

I've had my spiral tool for making vegetable garnishes so I decided to put it use and make they typical french fry MORE fun.  Even after a LONG day at the office I was motivated enough to play in the kitchen.

I used pre-washed Non GMO Baby Blondes Potato Bites so I was able to whip them up in NO TIME. These babies are pre-washed so I didn't have to scrub mud from my spuds! I worked a full day at the office and didn't have the time (or energy) for that! I want to chill out with the kiddo and the hubs while snacking on some yummy and fun to eat spiral fries!

They finished product looks like they required more effort than it actually took. So when my Instagram pal Rachel asked how I made them I just had to share the simplicity of it and put together a quick blog post! Rachel is AWESOME by the way: marathoner, blogger, crossfitter, triathlete, Turbo Kick & RPM instructor, #Nuun & #Fitfluential ambassador, and most important - mommy!

Here it is! Voila!

The "BEFORE" shot:
Note: Fry using your oil of preference and drain excess oil on paper towels. Season to taste. Just a little sea salt for us and it was perfection. Enjoy!