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Saturday, August 17, 2013

I'm a Booger and I Just Got Picked

I have some happy news to share. I've been picked! I will be participating in the Moms for Cottonelle campaign! WOO HOO! I, along with 49 other moms, have partnered with Cottonelle to serve as brand ambassadors.

About the booger thing - I apologize for sharing it in such a gross way. Sometimes gross is just funny and borderline cute.  I know this because I am mommy to a three year old boy who proudly marches up to me when he scores an awesome booger after carefully picking his nose.  Some of you will know EXACTLY what I mean!  With a boogie on the tip of his little finger, and a proudly excited look on his little face, I get this: "LOOK! I got a BOOGER mommy!".  Hearing that happy little voice, and seeing that beaming smile on his face, it would be a shame for me to squash it all by saying EWW....GROSS! Instead, I say: Oooh... Let's go show Daddy! Don't worry we don't do this in public!

I'm a mommy now - so I am comfortable about talking about this kind of stuff. Next up I'll be discussing bathroom business!  Perfect timing as we are perfecting the potty with our little guy! Fun stuff! Stay tuned.

My little booger!
Now back to the Moms for Cottonelle campaign. This is a campaign comprised of mom bloggers in support of Cottonelle's "be kind to your behind" campaign. You've seen the commercials, right? HILARIOUS! We are 50 moms strong and led by campaign manager Dino Dogan. We were "hand picked" (giggle) out of 300+ influencers. Even before the campaign launched we've already been having fun!

I just wanted to share my excitement with as much fervor as my young son! Sorry if it sounds "braggy" but being picked made me feel proud and excited! Just like my boy! If you read my blog then you know how bummed I was when I didn't get picked for the 10K step 30 Day Challenge so being picked for THIS has me overjoyed! I'm no longer bummed! Instead I will be talking Bums! Oh what fun!

 I am a brand ambassador for Cottonelle. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Walmart Family Mobile for Unlimited Talk Text and Web

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This post is sponsored by Collective Bias and Walmart Family Mobile as a part of a social shopper insights study. #FamilyMobileSaves #cbias

Visiting Walmart Family Saves For lowest rate plan #shop

I have been looking for the lowest priced rate plan for wireless service for my family.  My main objective was to find an unlimited plan that offered the best wireless service for our needs. My quest for a cheap wireless plan brought me to Walmart. Great news! I believe that I have succeeded in securing the lowest priced rate plan! I'm thrilled to have found an affordable service and smartphone at great price without a contract.

At Walmart to #shop for an inexpensive wireless plan

I'll be honest - we already have a competitively priced plan for our existing service. My husband gets a discount through his employer.  Our cost is comparable to the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk + Text:  $29.88/mo. for primary phone,$24.88/mo. for each additional phone. We do pay a little bit more than that. So we could save a little (because every little bit counts) with Walmart by switching over and staying with talk and text OR we could save ALOT and go with talk, text and web.  We have 3 lines of service on our plan.  At this time we are no longer under contract.  We have been avoiding upgrading to smartphones because of the increased costs and having to renew another contract. The cost alone to move to talk,text, and web with our current provider would be (at least) an additional $40 per phone per month. Unlimited web is NOT an option - so it is possible that our bill could get way out of hand. To get our family up to speed on a smartphone program the Walmart Family Mobile plan could easily save us at least $120 a month with their 39.88/mo. plan!

The Walmart Family Mobile myTouch 4G Cell Phone phone is competitively priced at $149.88. Thanks to Rollback pricing we purchased one for $129.88. We also purchased a $25 Walmart Family Mobile Starter Kit.  We opted to set up service from home since we had a little one who wasn't feeling too well as well as a tired mommy and daddy who put in a full day of work at the office. Activating the phone from home was quick and easy! To activate my phone and for online account management all I had to do was visit: If you are more comfortable having it set up for you at the store that is also an option.

Walmart Family Saves Unilimted #shop

Having a predictable bill and not worrying about overage charges makes the plan even more appealing. I also appreciate not having to sign any contracts! No contract equals no early termination fees.  You never know when your financial situation may change: loss of a job, additions to the family, unexpected expenses... the last thing you need to worry about is paying a hefty cancellation fee!

We have stayed with the same carrier for YEARS and would toss around the idea of upgrading.  Being the practical couple that we are - we have been able to make do with "regular" cell phones. I am pleased that we can easily add data WITHOUT increasing our monthly expenses!  We can still be practical! I will be testing out the phone and service - we just might break up with our current carrier for good!

Walmart Family Mobile Unlimted plan #shop

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I'd love to know about your experiences! Since we have never been on a data plan we can only go by what friends and family have shared.  I have heard horror stories about their monthly cell phone bills!  If you are willing to share the MOST that you've ever paid for you phone service I'd like to hear it! How much is your smartphone & service worth to you? So far I had been living without one but have heard that it can become a necessity. Do you think that I'll become addicted?  In an upcoming post I'll definitely share my journey!

I hope that you will join me on Google+ and visit our album where you can check out photos of our shopping adventure!

I have partnered with the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community and Walmart Family Mobile to bring you this sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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