Life by Cynthia: Girl Scout Cookies in The 80's

Monday, February 11, 2013

Girl Scout Cookies in The 80's

Once upon a time I was a Girl Scout. I am sharing a picture as proof. Even though it was a lifetime ago, I still remember selling Girl Scout cookies.  My best customer = my parents.  We had boxes and boxes at our house long after the selling season!  In those days they were less than $2 a box.

I now have nieces who are Girl Scouts and have purchased a good share of cookies.  I must say that I just don't enjoy the taste of them as much as I did long ago.  My all time favorite Girl Scout cookies were the Kookaburra's.  They were made by Burry-Lu and they were THE BEST! EVER.  It's a good thing that flavor has been retired otherwise I'd be buying up the whole lot!  The Thin Mints aren't quite the same these days either. Perhaps it's just my imagination.  Maybe my palate was easier to please during my youth. 

If you remember Kookaburra's raise your hand! AND if you know where I can find a box (or 20) I'll buy them! If you have a daughter in that's a Scout - happy selling! How many boxes of Girl Scout cookies do you purchase?

Off topic: I miss my childhood home! Check out the upholstery on the sofa!  Look familiar? Have you seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite?

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