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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

SD Mom's Night Out Fitness Event

I am excited to share my recap of SD Mom's Night Out Fitness Event with Jeremy Jackson (AKA Hobie Buchannon from Baywatch). SDMNO partnered with Look Better Naked (which specializes in healthy lifestyles), FITzee Foods (which creates ideal prepared meals), and Drew Canole of Juicing Vegetables for a wonderful event created for San Diego Moms.

The night was fun.  I had my first boot camp style workout which was led by Jeremy Jackson, DJ Pickel provided music to keep us all motivated, and we had a chance to meet fitness trainer & model Loni Christine.
Photo Credit: SD Mom's Night Out
I learned about FITzee Foods varieties of healthy prepared meal choices: vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free, low carb, and paleo friendly.  I got to sample different juice blends and listened to the many health benefits of juicing. After all of our hard work we had treats to enjoy and time to chat with one another.  All in all a healthy night out!  I didn't go home empty handed!  We received a goody bag and I also purchased a few FITzee prepared meals to take home for hubby to try.

Photo Credit: SD Mom's Night Out
My takeaway from the event: dropping 60 lbs  ≠  being fit.  I'm only 5'2", picture me at 180 lbs. NOW I thought that I was in shape because I was able to rock this dress (in the picture below) at the last SD Mom's Night Out Event a few weekends ago (I'm the Mom in the middle).  I had put on so much weight with my pregnancy that I did not want to get dressed and go out!  It wasn't until very recently that I've felt comfortable stepping out again. Thankfully, I have a very loving and supportive hubby that looks after our son while I take a "mommy time out". I have been able to enjoy a few hours with the girls. Without his encouragement and understanding I would have such a hard time heading out the door!

Photo Credit: Crystella Photography
THIS SD Mom's Night Out Event was the reality check that I needed to get my butt back to working out regularly, eating healthily, and taking better overall care of my mom self!  Fitness Challenge? Oh, It's ON!

I attended survived the fitness portion of the SD Mom's Night Out Fitness Event. I am now recovering.  My muscles are SORE.  My ego is bruised.  I am praying that unflattering photos from the event do not surface.  I KNOW there are some floating out there to chronicle my struggle.  I am by nature pretty competitive when it comes to sports, athletics, fitness, etc. - I grew up playing sports competitively and I don't like to lose without a fight.  This fight: I lost. BIG TIME.  Not a fight against the wonderful ladies that were participating in the workout let by Jeremy Jackson, but one with myself.  My body just wouldn't (couldn't) do what I wanted it to.  I sucked.  I had let myself lapse so far out of shape that this experience humbled the hell out of me.  I was cussing under my breath and sometimes out loud! I was grunting and groaning and I now officially apologize to those that were near enough to have heard me. Sorry.
Check me out! I'm keeping pace with Mr. Fitness.
Photo Credit: SD Mom's Night Out
I kind of kidded myself into believing that I was in shape since I lost about 60 pounds over the past 2 years. HA!  The joke was on me.  Weight loss does NOT equal being in shape or fit.  I had zero endurance, minimal strength, and became discouraged.  Don't get me wrong - I TRIED AS HARD AS I COULD.  I tried to the point that I seriously wanted to throw up.  I started off strong but ran out of gas FAST! I made sure I separated myself from the pack just in case I might barf.  To my credit: this was a tough workout!  Even the ladies who were fit had to work hard and suffered the soreness too.

Photo Credit: SD Mom's Night Out
My thanks goes to Samantha & Angela of SD Mom's Night Out for organizing such fun events for local Moms like me!  I enjoyed working out, learning about FITzee Foods, getting to know other moms, and meeting fellow bloggers IRL. I can hardly wait for the next event.

Samantha, Jeremy, and Angela
Photo Credit: SD Mom's Night Out

Photo Credit: SD Mom's Night Out

Disclosure: I received complimentary tickets to attend the event. All opinions expressed here are my own.
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