Life by Cynthia: Holiday Party at Stone Brewing Co.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Party at Stone Brewing Co.

My husband & I attended my company holiday party which was held at Stone Brewing Co./Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens.  I knew that we would have wonderful beer choices but I was pleasantly surprised with the delicious food that was served!  We were in agreement that it was a great place to host  a company party.  It was a bit confusing to find since this was our first visit there.  There wasn't any obvious signage but now that we know where it's at - we will likely be back!

The beer and wine was free flowing all evening long.  I stopped at one beer to be the responsible designated driver. I wish I could remember the names of the beers that my husband and I had.  With my husband's love of great beer and my love of great food... a return trip with some friends and family is in our future!

There were a few food choices that were served buffet style.  I had the Poached Pear Arugula Salad, Mac 'n Beer Cheese, and Pan-Seared Salmon served with a fruited gastrique & fried shaved parsnips. My selections were absolutely delicious!  For dessert we were treated to pumpkin pie cheesecake squares. Normally I find cheesecake to be much too dense and rich for my taste but these were light and heavenly!  I cannot stop raving about my dining experience!


  1. Yum....Hubby and I love Stone Brewing!!! Glad you enjoyed your night out together. I miss holiday parties.

  2. Yummy. Pan-seared fish is usually my choice - always SO delicious. Glad you had a good time - nice date!

  3. Yum - this looks delish! Glad you had fun :)

  4. That looks like a hoot and a half! LOVE pan seared fish and stone and micro brews... (I despise beer any other time!) You deserve the great time it looked like you had!

  5. that's drinking! How fun and I'm totally jealous :)

  6. What a really great date night! I love those special brews too;)

  7. This looks like an amazing place for a party - classy and fun!


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