Life by Cynthia: Cold & Flu Season Got In The Way

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cold & Flu Season Got In The Way

The 2012 Cold & Flu Season has kept me MIA for a while now.  I wanted to do a quick post just in case you were wondering where I have been or if I am still alive. I'm alive, but not well, and have been in bed mostly.

It started with our little guy getting sick.  School has been the culprit. I was next. Generally, I take something at the onset of sickness. I've tried preparations like Emergen-C, Airborne, Zicam, and most recently Oscillococcinum.  It seems to have worked for me in the past but I was never quite sure if if was all in my head.  This time I didn't take anything early on because I didn't have any on hand.  Big mistake.  I am STILL sick. I am on the mend but it is still lingering.  I am never usually sick enough to miss work but this time my illness kept me at home in bed.  I missed 3 days of work.  I wasn't well enough to even WANT to be online. I did not touch my computer.  YES, too sick to prop myself up and crack open the laptop.  I have so much catch up work both at the office and as far as online projects.  We missed our Disneyland & Knott's Berry Farm trips since I was sick.  I hope that you all are staying healthy!


  1. I hope you all feel better soon. It's sad when things don't go as planned because of sickness.

  2. Oh no I hope you both feel better!

  3. The little man and I got sick on Thanksgiving, too! Hope all is well with you now!

  4. That sucks! I hate being sick, and when you're a mom it's really hard.

  5. Gotta have my homeopathic remedies on hand at all time! It's definitely not in your head but hope you feel better really soon!

  6. Oh POOH no Disney that's so sad=(
    Better Health for all soon!!!

  7. My husband SWEARS by Zicam.

    I'm sorry that you missed both trips, that is a bummer!! WORSE bummer that you guys are sick.

    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  8. I've got two home sick from school today...I really, really hope I don't get it! Ugh.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Oh no...the flu sucks. I always make sure my kids get their flu shots. I get mine too, but it seems I always end up getting a few upper respiratory infections during the winter months.


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