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Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day 9

Day 9: Focused on Form

It's hard to believe that my next session will be my 10th consecutive day of practice.  Today was an excellent yoga day for me.  I felt strong throughout and crave more time in the hot room!  I've even freed myself from the aches & pains in my hip & low back!

Today our class was led by Julie.  I really liked her teaching style.  She is down to earth and easy to follow.  She reminded us to focus on our form.  I followed her advice and found my foundation to be much stronger. I wobbled less that I had been.  I still need work on my balance, but my endurance and breathing is greatly improved.  Julie did a great job at putting the class at ease. There were many first timers in the room and she was very attentive and offered extra coaching to those individuals.

Snap, crackle, POP!  OK, not quite but during Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (Standing Bow Pulling Pose) I stretched and pushed myself to my limits.  I heard a POP! POP!  I felt some shifting in my hip and low back. I was frightened & relieved all at once. The pain that I had been feeling for MONTHS in my hip and low back INSTANTLY eased.  All of the pressure was released.  I am afraid to make any sudden movements to return me to that painful feeling that had been plaguing me.

Looking forward to an early morning class with my sister tomorrow.