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Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Sunrise yoga!

I took my first 6am class.  It was a struggle getting up & out of the door BUT I did it!  I am so glad that I did!

Day 3:  Determined!

I was sleepy going into class today.  I woke up briefly at 2:30am thinking it was time to go. I went back to sleep and got up just in time to make the 6am class.  I was in a such a rush that I forgot my water bottle.  Thankfully I was able to buy some there otherwise I could not have made it through class!  There were 5 people in attendance.  I don't know about them...but for me getting there for such an early class took a lot of effort!

Our instructor today was Charlene (pictured).  It was my first class with Charlene.  I only have great things to say about the instructors at my local studio.  They truly are great at what they do.  I appreciate the fact that she is up early so that we can all have a 6am class!  The prep work I'm sure requires a start much earlier than 6am.  I am NOT a morning person, so I know that I couldn't do what she does!

I felt really good about practice today.  I did have to take pause towards the end of the session.  I know my limits and push them when I can.  When I absolutely cannot, I let my body have a chance to recover.

Charlene brought up an excellent point during class for those of us who are participating in the 30 Day Challenge:  It is still very EARLY in the challenge.  She reminded us to eat well & hydrate.  It also reminds me  to make sure that I don't push to the point where I  "burn out" and in turn drop out.

I went to work this morning completely energized.  I wish there were more 6am classes available!