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Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Bikram On The Brain

I am at a point where all that I can think about is getting to my next Bikram session!  I've become a bit obsessed!  I just feel so good that I can't help but want MORE!

6AM Yoga today.  It is so tough getting up, but love feeling so energized for the rest of the day!  I usually practice after work. During the day I look forward to my workday ending, and my Bikram class starting.  It felt kind of odd that I didn't have to rush to the studio after work.  I think I just might be ready for practicing twice a day. Once in the early AM and again after work!

We were led today by Charlene.  She really is a trooper for teaching such an EARLY class. There were seven of us early birds today!  My sister was able to join me this morning and that always makes it more fun. I am hoping that attendance to the 6AM class grows and that they add more during the week.  Currently it is only offered on Monday's & Friday's.  If they would add Wednesday I'd be set!  After the challenge, I hope to attend at least 3 to 4 classes per week. With the early morning schedule it would work out so much better with my life!  I think I'd like to go EVERYDAY, but the time away takes a toll on our family time and that's no good!  I am fortunate that my husband is supporting me in this 30 Day challenge!

I felt good throughout class.  Only feeling a bit weird after the Camel pose.  Still my nemesis, but each day I've been trying harder & harder not to fear it.  I still get dizzy, but that is just part of it for now.

My hip & back are feeling good.  As I mentioned on my Day 9 post, my body just kind of "snapped" back into place!  My hip & low back pain was instantly alleviated!

I'm on a quest for more yoga workout clothing.  Working out every day = lots of laundry.


  1. It's been 3 years since I really worked out on a regular basis... but that's over. I've started setting my alarm for 5:30am, so I could start squeezing in some workouts - nothing feels better than that post-workout feeling :)


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