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Bikram Yoga 30 Day Challenge: Day 1

After tossing the idea around, I made the decision to participate in a 30 day yoga challenge.  I haven't practiced Bikram Yoga since prior to my marriage in 2008. It has been about 4 years since I last set foot in the studio. Since then I had a baby and turned 40!

I gained 15 pounds in my first year of marriage and another 50 during pregnancy.  To date I have lost 56 pounds but I am still not as healthy as I had once been.  My strength, endurance, and overall energy level suffer.

This challenge is just what I needed to heal & strengthen my body!  It will do wonders for relaxation & peace of mind as well!

My sister has decided to take the challenge too. We will attempt to complete 30 classes in 30 days.  I've decided to document my journey!

Day 1:  Kicked my butt!

I was overconfident in my return to yoga.  For me, it wasn't like riding a bike - I couldn't just "hop back on" and expect the skill to return.  I didn't properly hydrate during the day and I am out of shape - it took a huge toll on me.  I was a dizzy & nauseous. I let my body rest between poses. 105° is no joke!

I was humbled by my inability to find myself where I had once been.  I'm glad to have struggled because I realize how strong that I COULD be when I keep up my practice. 

The very first instructor that I've practiced under is Amy Atwood.  She is always very supportive & encouraging.  I was so happy to see that she was still there and that she recognized me.  It was a surprise since I've had such a LONG absence.  She is really inspiring!

Coming back was TOUGH. I did my best, even though to look at me you would think that I had given up.  I endured.  I stayed for the entire 90 minute class even if I couldn't manage all 26 of the postures.  I have a starting point on which to improve upon.  This will help me to push myself. Knowing my struggles in coming back will help me to succeed.


  1. Atta girl. I'm so jealous. I did P90x for a few months and fell off the wagon around Halloween. HELLO?! That was 4 months ago!

    I really need to get off my lazy rear end.

    I'm very proud of you and I was wondering where you were at...hadn't seen much of you in the blog-o-sphere for a bit


  2. My mom did that for a time, while in CA. 105 in the room, she LOVED it. She's always cold. haha I never tried it, but I've heard of it.
    Good luck!
    I so need to get back to my 30 day shred DVD. It worked wonders for me before my second born, but ONCE I got down a pant size I found out I was prego with my second. Kinda just gave up on working out. It felt so good to work out though, I really want to start again, motivation is hard though. Bravo to you for going back!

  3. Good for you for making that decision! Yoga is an excellent exercise but it can get ya when you lease expect it. I started back doing it after I had my little girl and I thought I wouldn't be able to continue because my mind wasn't in it but Im glad I did. Stay strong-- I can't wait to read about your progress

  4. I do like yoga, but have never tried the Bikram. 90 minutes is certainly significant;) Bravo for setting this goal! If you ever want to come link up any of your posts about it, feel free on our Fit & Fabulous Hop on our Fitness page

    Cheers and Good luck!

  5. Keep it going girl! We'll be right there with you in the challenge!

    - Mika Yoga Wear


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