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Weekend Fun

After what feels like an extra LONG week at work, I am so READY for some weekend fun. It's Friday night - I'm sure the time between now and Monday will fly by WAY too fast.

Tonight my husband, son, and I are headed to an Xbox Kinect party in celebration of my brother in law's birthday. It will be a house full of kids so I am resting up for that. Seven little boys ranging in age from around 7 months to 7 years. Oh help me.

We are winging it for our Saturday fun. Most likely fun will equal laundry and housecleaning. You too?

Sunday is my favorite day. Church always refreshes me and preps me for the tough "working mom" week ahead.

What are YOUR fun weekend plans?


  1. Looks like a fun weekend for you! We have been in weekend mode for the whole week due to the snowstorm, so we'll just keep enjoying.

  2. Weekends are great, aren't they? So much fun to be had. I especially love Fridays because there is so much anticipation of the weekend fun and rest...sometimes. If only they could last one more day. Enjoying some snow in the Northeast this weekend, so lots of snow play here. Enjoy your time with your family!

  3. Enjoy you weekend with you family!!

  4. I know about the number of kids together, with 7 of us now on baby number 4. Our family get-togethers are insane! How cool that you are a late bloomer, and in your 40's...cheers!

  5. Hope you guys had fun! I packed a weekend with skiing, library visits and a trip to the ballet. Oh, and some extra long naps!


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