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Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy in 2012? Could a Home Energy Assessment Help?

This post brought to you by Santa Clara County’s 80% Home Energy Assessment Rebate. All opinions are 100% mine.

I hope this post reaches friends & family in Santa Clara County.  I think other counties should consider doing something similar!

I was looking into a home energy assessment because our tax preparer asks us every year whether we've made upgrades to our home to make it more energy efficient.  Many items can be considered as a tax deduction.  Not only that, but it could also lead to lower utility bills! Consider the following questions:
  • Are your monthly energy bills giving you a headache?
  • Do certain rooms in your home give you a chill?
  • When was the last time you scheduled a check-up for your water heater?
With an assessment you can find out how to can make your home more healthy & comfortable as well as save money on your utility bills.  Since becoming parents last year, we try as much as we can to save money and to keep our home safe and healthy.  We check the filters in our heating/air conditioning unit, test our smoke alarms, AND have carbon monoxide alarms to warn us of danger.  We already have an energy efficient refrigerator, washer/dryer, and dishwasher.  But with a complete home assessment a professional can tell us in what OTHER areas we can benefit.

Earlier, I mentioned friends & family in Santa Clara County.  If you are a resident, and qualify, you can get an 80% energy assessment rebate!  Check your local area to see if they have similar programs available.

To qualify for the 80% home assessment rebate you must: Own a single family, detached home in Santa Clara County Use an Energy Upgrade California participating contractor Energy assessment rebates are paid up to $800 and must be paid directly to the participating contractor. If you decide to proceed with the recommended upgrades and receive additional rebates up to $4,000, you are further eligible for the “test-out” assessment rebate administered by Santa Clara County.

It's simple!
  • Choose a participating contractor. Visit to choose a participating contractor.
  • Complete your energy assessment.
  • Enjoy your 80% savings!
You and your contractor will discuss the results of your energy assessment and decide if you would like to complete the energy efficiency improvements suggested and collect more rebates!

It's not just Home Improvement it's a Lifestyle Improvement!  Check out the Santa Clara County Facebook page & "like" for more detailed information.
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