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2012 So Far

So far, so good here in 2012!  Everything has been going smoothly.  I hope that 2012 (so far) is treating you well also.
  • No one has been ill - which is a huge blessing.  One sick family member always seems to lead to the whole household being ill!  Keeping hopeful that this healthy state lasts!   We are being more mindful of our eating habits and taking better care of ourselves overall.  I've even cut fast food from my diet.  
  • Work has been going well.  I'll be celebrating my 5 year anniversary at the company that I am at.  Thankful to be employed as many aren't.
  • Family life is blessed.  My husband and I are amazed with how much our son is growing and thriving!  We feel lucky everyday.
  • Saving has been a primary focus for me this year.  I haven't bought any unnecessary items and since I've cut out the daily work lunch fast food run - it's quickly starting to add up!
  • I'm blogging more often now which really is a great feeling.  I just have to "make" the time.  I've had quite a few sponsored blogging opportunities that have been keeping me busy.  The added income is great!
  • Social networking has been really a source of satisfaction.  I've met & made some really wonderful connections. 
Thank you for sticking with me and my blog! I know I've been absent quite a bit but hoping to reconnect very soon~!  Please let me know how you all are doing!


  1. Hi Cynthia,
    YAY for a great start to your year. Especially that savings part... my DH is a lunch packer. He's trying to show the rest of the staff how much they can save if they would simply pack. Not to mention, meals are healthier too! :)


  2. It does sound like you are of to a great start! All and all I think 2012 is looking like it could be a great year I am hopeful! Blessings!

  3. Your 2012 sees to e off to a very good start! My husband and I work from home so we eat in everyday but I did start sending packed lunches to school with my oldest and that has saved us a lot of money unintentionally- started because she's a little picky when it comes to food! :)

  4. So we're all off to a great start!
    Off and running with goals in mind. I'm there with you on the fast food, the 5 year anni, and no one's sick. Yet.
    Jill from VB

  5. Cynthia... Here's to a great 2012 for you!! You sure are off to a great start! Blessings... Carla

  6. What a great post! I'm glad I stopped by! I'm thinking about writing the same type of "catching up" yet "thankful" post! Stopping in from VB today! Hope your 2012 continues to be wonderful!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog via VoiceBoks. Returning the favor. Sounds like your 2012 is going quite well so far. All the best for the rest of the year.

  8. Guess that what you just did, needs to be done by many of us.... We tend to focus on the negative instead of thinking and giving thanks for all the many positive things in our lives. Hope your year´s a looooot better than how it started.

    See you around, your friend from VoiceBoks



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