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I have been debating on updating my profile picture since the one that I am using (on ALL of my online profiles) is quite dated. Though I probably should change it, I'm just not quite ready to yet.

How many of you have a special story behind your profile picture?  I'm sure we all do.  After all we selected a particular photo to represent who we are.  Today, I'd like to share my profile picture story.  I'll hope that you will share your story too!

First off, I'll share the bigger picture since all that you would normally see is a thumbnail version. This photo was taken on September 18, 2010 at the San Diego Zoo.  At the time, my husband & I were 3 month old parents.  We were a brand spanking new mommy & daddy duo to an angel of a child.  He never cried much and the times that he did - he was very easily soothed.  We were lucky and we knew it.

I like the "calm" that I feel when I see this picture and remember this day.  Though I was very tired and suffered from sleep deprivation, as new parents do, I was a relaxed new mommy with a supportive husband. This cleared the way of any "new mommy" anxieties.  My maternal instincts kicked in very strongly.   I felt confident in mothering our baby.  I'm glad that my husband caught this new mommy moment.  Baby & I were relaxed, it was a beautiful day, and his daddy & I loved our family outing.  Prior to our visit to the Zoo that day, I had never noticed such a sea of strollers! Though much of the time I "wore" our son in a SleepyWrap:  WE too were there with our stroller. The place was all abuzz with family.  We were a part of that buzz.  WE too were now a Family.

  • The sunglasses (which I have misplaced & been searching for since our Hawaii trip) hid my super tired eyes.
  • Baby's Outfit: I hope that one day my son forgives me for putting him in that silly green & white striped ensemble.  In my defense: I had to shield his delicate baby skin from the San Diego Sunshine didn't I?  This was one of the few outfits that came with a hat that was his size at the time.
  • You can see our son's little dimple & his content expression on his little baby face.
  • Yes, I am actually wearing a little lipstick!  Much of my new mom moments did not include any form of make-up use.

Now time to share a photo of my hubby & my bubby from this day!  They are the story behind my profile pic!

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  1. Some of our best mom/kid memories are at the Philly zoo. We used to go every couple weeks when they were little. Once they started school, we were limited to the couple times a year.
    Happy NY, From VB

  2. I love your picture! Don't change it till you're ready. Mine is also from 2010...Xmas of last year. I stick w/ mine one, because I like it, two, I'm too lazy to change it on EVERYTHING where I have it, and 3...well, my rear end needs to lose a little junk in the trunk before I'm ready to show my chubby cheeks anywhere :)

    I think your picture speaks volumes, I'm a fan :)


  3. :) Your pic definitely says 'new mommy' but in the good way. I guess it should say something that when we met at the Influenster twitter party it caught my eye with the bright green hues and your myterious sunglasses look. hehe! Seeing the bigger version it screams mother tigress.

    I'm very unphotogenic (sad for the daughter of a former model) so I get frustrated trying to choose a profile photo. I try to switch 2-3 times a year just for the sake of being sick of seeing the same version of myself day after day after day.

    No one ever takes my photo so I have to take them of myself which feels so unnatural and self-involved which I HATE. But the hubs always takes shots of my cleavage instead of my face so I gave up on asking him long ago. lol

    The current one on my blogger profile is from a shot I needed of my shirt for a promotional event for an ABC Family show that got canceled two months later. I had teal clip-in extensions in my hair and I wasn't broken-out so I figured it'd work for a while. lol

    I try not to post pics of my kids publicly for the most part or I'm sure it'd always be a photo of my 2YO. She's adorable (or so strangers tell me) and what mom doesn't love showing off cute shots of their kids?

  4. I absolutely loved your post. I could not agree with you more... there is always a story behind each picture!

    Blessings and Happy New Year!

  5. I love your post--and I wish I could say that there was a special story behind this profile picture...but there isn't.

    In the past I used a picture of my daughter on my lap in the car waiting in the parking lot. She is grabbing the wheel like she is driving--and with the cars parked around us it really looked like we were driving. But I swear (and had to swear to everyone I knew when I posted the picture) that we were parked! If I had been driving--first I would not have been trying to figure out how to get a good picture and second my daughter would have been in a car seat! :) But I loved the picture because she looked so grown up (driving at 1 and 1/2) but still so innocent (again she was 1 and 1/2). It just was so her. :)


  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I appreciate your stories, your kind words, and especially that you took the time to share your thoughts with me! I know how busy we can all get! Big hugs to you all!

  7. Hmm, I don't really have a story behind my avatar except that it looks way better than I do Haha.

    I like the shot with your kiddo though, very in-the-moment.

  8. Don't you love how pictures can bring the moments right back? So cool. My photo was one of many in my friends backyard when I realized I had no pictures of myself for my blog! The photo reminds me of us laughing at her trying to be a professional photographer and having me change my shirt three times! Your photo is awesome, and clearly memorable. They grow up so darn fast!

  9. happy times for all of you! and you are lucky to have a supportive husband,,,it makes life a lot easier and happier! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!


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