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Influenster Holiday VoxBox Shipping December 7

Photo credit: Influenster on Facebook

It will just be a matter of DAYS now until I get my Holiday VoxBox full of goodies.  A shipment will be made TOMORROW!  Many of my Influenster "sisters" and I have been EAGERLY awaiting some fun products to try out.  Some may be receiving theirs sooner than others. My travel distance may be a little further than some. So being the first one on the block is not likely.  Which is OK with me. The items are being shipped from New York, NY to Chicago, IL, then to my destination - San Diego, CA.  Since this is my 2nd VoxBox, I know that they usually are sent via USPS.  I'll be on the lookout in the next couple of days.  I am hoping for a sneak peak from those Influensters that reside closer to Illinois & will get their packages first!


  1. I live about 20 minutes outside of Chicago, so I am sure i will have my voxbox anyday now. I am so excited!!! I never get picked for anything, so this was a pleasant surprise for me.


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